Overwatch – Christmas edition

The sequel to the previous video is here, and this time, we brawled each other in true Christmas fashion… it was a Meissacre.

This time, there’s less memes, more metal and more frags though, but I think it was a fair tradeoff.

I have also stacked up some loot boxes to open, and man, I got lucky as hell.


Cake Day!

Jesus Christ, I have made this in 2010?

I guess that’s awesome, since we are still going STRONG. Kappa

If you type “cat tit bingo” in Google Search, this image pops up:

I just wanted to be educative, k?

The amazing look of the subsectors in Inquisitor 40K

I just finished editing this short video, and the detail in the formations is amazing, our engine coder really did miracles with the thing. It is always so entertaining to work with such high quality raw materials (even if YouTube butchers it a lil’ bit after uploading).

Be sure to check out the devblog post on the topic! And just look at this thing:


The Caligari Sector in W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr

I just finished a new snippet of our upcoming game, Inquisitor – Martyr, and it looks pretty good ;)

More importantly however, this hopefully marks the beginning of a new video series, as this Dataslate contains a few in-office shots already:

(In all honesty, the music takes the cake in this one. Check out the composer.)

This was basically the test-run of a longer devdiary series, where people will talk about the game in detail, and the production quality will be pumped up a bit with some better equipment, namely a nicer tripod and a cam rail maybe. I’m excited to work on something that will have nice lighting, a makeup artist and all the usual stuff that goes into the production of a video like this. I’ll do the editing as per usual, and hopefully I’ll be able to shot a few scenes in there too :)

Check out the full devblog post about the video here.

The burdens of ranked Overwatch

Yesterday, I met the weirdest guy ever in Overwatch.

I started to play the game only recently, and although I don’t make wonders in there, I’m doing my thing well enough to clinch the victory most of the time.

With some significant FPS experience, it is not too hard to adapt to Overwatch, and I have played the crap out of Unreal Tournament back in the day, not to mention that I play Counter-Strike since mid 2005, before 1.6 even came out. I think that this is not a big deal though, as everyone I meet and ask about their CS experience has started playing in the early alpha – even if they are 15-year old kids.

Solo queue is hell in any game, and for all the right reasons. The game can reach deep into the cesspool when it determines your teammates – but you can find new friends there if you get lucky. I was grinding out the victories nicely before I ended up on a losing streak that can be attributed solely to the wonders of the solo queue.

The ideal team setup in Overwatch (most of the time) consists of 2 tanks, 2 healers and 2 DPS heroes. During my loss streak, I’ve had 4 tank teammates, teams with no healers (but myself obviously, out of desperation), teams with full DPS setup – it was not looking good.

Still going strong with the solo queue, I posted in a couple LFG threads, stating that I’m pretty decent and that I casually want to climb to the average Skill Rating where most players are chilling, which is ~2600.


Soon enough, I got a reply, and a guy added me. He was around lvl 100, which meant that he was putting in the hours into the game (I was lvl 36 at the time). However, he had the exact same skill rating as I did. Hmm.

– Hey man, I see that you are very low level. Do you know how to play the game?
– Yeah, I am decent with Reaper/S76/Mercy/Lucio/Widow/McCree/etc.
– I see, because, you know, I don’t want to boost you, if you know what I mean.

At this point I was thinking “What? Boost me? He is at the exact same rank as I am…” He went on in the most condescending tone you can imagine:

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Overwatch party at the office

We held an Overwatch party on Tuesday, since our generous company got us a load of keys. Since there were only 3-4 players who knew what the hell is this game about, hilarity ensued. I have decided to edit a small video about it, and it turned out to be pretty… MLG.

The final product may be a bit edgy, but that is what I was going for, so the hell with you all! :D I love to play Reaper, ok..?

At one point in my life, I drew WoW comics in MS Paint

Whyyyyyyyy… it was not even that long ago. The idea came when Dark Legacy recruited some guild members using their world-famous comics. My guild, Evil Eye, desperately needed some fresh recruits as well. Naturally, I fired up good ol’ MS Paint and drew composed these masterpieces.

I dedicated a small blog for my 6 artistic pictures that you can reach by clicking the image: