Fresh opinion

Mists of Pandaria is the best expansion since BC so far. At least to me, it is clear that this expansion brought (back) changes that are lifting up the gameplay heavily. The new heroics are nowhere as tedious as Cataclysm HCs were, but they are still challenging. The raid bosses? So far, only the world bosses were enabled, but hell, I did not party this good since Kazzak.

The reputation grinds may seem hardcoreish, and the same applies to the new Mote system for example (which are soulbound). Why is that good? These stuff have an impact on economy, therefore everything. Content will last longer, and of course we have to spend more time with the actual game instead of afking around. The lore of the game is even better than before, and although I still don’t get how the hell did pandas manage to get in to the WoW, we get so much interactive storytelling, cinematics (In places where they are NOT annoying, see Cataclysm) and quests. Heck, we get a friggin’ Dragonball mount if we check out some lore items!

The only backside (if I have to find one) is the talent system. I think it’s awesome, but there was nothing wrong with the old talent trees. I can’t wait to begin some awesome raiding tomorrow. (Not to mention instant gladiator with double BM because we are redonkulously overpowered.)


3 more videos

As I am writing this I am kinda unhappy, since I just got Time-lost proto drake killed in front of my very eyes after a 40-hour continous camp…

Anyways, I did three more videos, enjoy! After the link you may find Dragon Soul soloage as well as solo killing a boss in the new 5-man dungeon.

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New gaming stuff

So, I must confess that i’ve been playing with a 10-year old ps/2 mouse and keyboard. Now I thought that I should buy some new stuff.

So, I bought a Razer Lycosa keyboard, along with an Abyssus mouse, Sphex Mousepad and a Creative Fatal1ty headset.
Unfortunately the mousepad does not stick to any surface at all, though I’ve read somewhere that it gets fine after 1-2 days.

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Hotfix is active

  • Aimed Shot damage has been decreased to approximately 160% weapon damage (at level 80+), down from 200%.
  • Aspect of the Hawk now provides 2000 attack power at level 85.

Thankfully Zeherah was super quick with the uptade of, and I have got some interesting results:

24700 DPS with Hardcasting Aimed shot.
24867 DPS with Hardcasting Aimed with less priority than Chimera Shot.
~ Same DPS (+5.67) with hardcasting only when Careful Aim is active.

Still, many people say at WHU, and personally, I think aswell that hardcasting still will be the best, even though the above calculations show 167 DPS difference.

But time for the more interesting news. BM final dps came out at 25470, which is a 603 DPS increase with my gear. Lol. Of course I thought that the Aspect buff will affect BM greatly, but I did not count on this much damage improvement. Anyways, I will test these on live aswell.

Also, I have played with BM a bit on the spreadsheet, and I tried a very slight mastery over haste reforge system (I reverted all haste->mastery reforges), but the results were nearly the same, it was a 15.7 DPS loss.

UPDATE: I tried it out, and I couldn’t top MM with BM, but I am sure that the problem is in me, I haven’t played BM PvE since ages and I saw myself getting better and better every try. Aimed Shot crits weren’t at high (50k-ish max.) unbuffed, but still, I did very good dps with it. (Hardcasting with some more priority on Chimera.)

Reputation “guide”

Here’s a list of the reputations which give us nice rewards.

It’s best to begin with Guardians of Hyjal, so if you are newly dinged, grind for them, because you will be already around revered, since the amount of rep you gain from Hyjal questing. You can get the tabard after you finished in Hyjal and grind some heroics.

  • Revered: iLvL 346 Neck
  • Exalted: iLvL 359 Boots (epix)

Vendor: Provisioner Whitecloud, right at the first house in Hyjal starting zone.

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Purple kodos and lost tigers

I started a Tauren Priest recently (Purple kodos for the win), to check out the new quests and zones. Also the only class I do not have is the priest so this was a perfect opportunity to level one.

All I can say, the quests are very good, I enjoyed the Stonetalon Mountains chain, where we can see Garrosh from his more positive side :). Also, the XP is insanely good, and the zones are beautiful. Though many zones received very little modifications, I expected much more changes than I got. Anyways, this is good in some ways, because most of the old zones remained in their old state.

I leveled to 35 in 11 hours, which is kinda fast I think. But from now on, I will instance grind on holy a bit since I hate leveling from 35-45 and the instance quests are very-very good, and personally, I love the instances within this level bracket.
About the instance quests: Nearly every instance has a bunch of quests, which are located inside the instance, so you do not need to travel for them… this helps a LOT if you ask me. Many instances have quests worth a level or more.

So, I like the patch, and I can do something else besides preparing for the expansion with my main.

Oh, and on the night before the patch, I made my last Zul’Gurub run :'(
Rest in Peace Zulian Tiger, hopelessly farmed for nearly 2 years.