Look what I’ve found!

So, browsing my old documents, I found a huge ass database that I made from ALL the rare pets in game. It contains over 60 pets’ description. It may still be really useful for some people. Sadly, it only contains rare pets up to Cataclysm, so no MoP rares, sorry. Anyways, it contains:

  • Pictures
  • Spawnpoints
  • Tame Tricks
  • NPC ID’s for NPCScan
  • …and more!

I  hope that you can use it. To check it out, click the image below :)



Scourer of the Eternal Sands

I am finally done camping the Uldum camel mount. It is a huge, huge baseball bat to the nuts as it can be basically anywhere in Uldum, and the mount is dropping from around every 16th figurine.

Anyways, here is a video with some instructions if you plan to get it ^^ (Although, most of the video is just “I remember” by Deadmau5, in HD)

The spawnmap can be found beneath the link  :)

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