Massacre in DayZ

Lately I’ve been putting a tremendous amounts of time into DayZ, the Early Access zombie survival game.

Now before I say anything, it is time to pin down that the game is an utter pile of garbage.

  • Players do not die from full magazines being shot into them due to desync
  • You die randomly, lag off rooftops, etc.
  • Hoorrrrible optimization

…and so on. Basically the game itself is your worst enemy. Why do I still play then? Well, it gives you a chance like no other game when it comes to being mean to other players. Yep, this is the sad truth. The replacement of Westfall ganking has arrived.

Here’s how:

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“Bring back the Gank”

John Lagrave was interviewed by PC Gamer, and he said that World PvP will be a strong part of MoP. Players should go outside and kick each others ass like they did in vanilla. You can find the interview here.

Let’s hope if another legend rises, like Vurtne, Grim and the others…