Another proof that hunters are the most awesome class

Hunters. Can. Loot. From. Range.

Chinese farmers rejoice!


Update on videos and beta stuff

I recorded some pretty neat stuff in the beta recently, but I had a lot of work to do, so the editing is still something what needs to be done. Anyways, I’m going to upload the videos ASAP.

On the live servers, I did some ridiculous arenas, some 3v3 with a totally clueless friend of us who never did any PvP, and yesterday we managed to do a 24:3 stat with the good ol’ beast cleave setup in 2’s :D

Oh, and I pwned a Blood DK and a Feral druid alone. Not to mention that our team name was “Blood n feral pls”, and this was the first team we got…

Stay tuned :)

New beta build

The beta just got updated, we can finally make premade characters on the EU realm, which is awesome.  Also, tons of new stuff have arrived, let me filter the hunter relevant info only:

(I haven’t logged in yet to see if pet talents are working already, but I assume they fixed them as well.)

Tier 14 set bonuses

Item – Hunter T14 2P Bonus
Your Kill Command deals $1% additional damage, your Chimera Shot deals 15% additional damage, and your Explosive Shot deals 5% additional damage.

Item – Hunter T14 4P Bonus
Increases the duration of your Bestial Wrath ability by 6 sec, increases the chance for Black Arrow to trigger Lock and Load by 20%, and increases the ranged attack speed granted by Steady Focus by an additional 10%.
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