What now?

With the quite somber tone of my previous post, the question about the future of this “blog” naturally came up to me for the 23rd time.

On this occassion, I thought that I’m gonna go easier on myself as not only have I laid my hands on a decent PC recently, but I also began/continued to play some cool games such as Overwatch, Diablo, DayZ, CS:GO, Dying Light, and the list goes on.

Basically, I’ll casually make some content of the stuff that I do not so casually.

Also, quite a lot of work is looking up for me, an upcoming devdiary series on our newest game W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr.

Also, I have reverted the header to the old one to honor the 10 years of WoW that maybe just came to an end. ;)

I feel good looking into the future, so, dear 15 visitors, get prepared for some content!


Progress with the new guild

Well, the first raid is over at our guild, Paragnosia (very, very bad name if you ask me), and my fears thankfully did not manifest during the raid – at least not all of them.

See, the main deal was that the guild was founded by a small core of my friends who’ve been playing WoW the HC way since many years. However, these five or six guys are obviously not enough to fill a raid up, therefore we had to recruit, and you may know that raiding with a bunch of new guys can be really frustrating.

However, we decided to go normal for first, and it was going smooth for a while – we oneshotted the first boss, and the second one too, even though the Cleave mechanism was badly fucked up by the groups. This might be an indicator to the fact that Normal difficulty is very, very easy, but nevertheless, we went on to kill the third and fourth boss as well without much trouble.


On Brackenspore, I could even see some focus and working tactics going on, which was really nice to see after such a long hiatus. I also have to mention that I led the raid, which is kind of a mixed blessing since I was kind of good at it back then, but now I am clearly not. Top that off with a shitty laptop microphone and there you have the weirdest raid leader ever.

Hunter DPS was awesome, I was in the top 3 when I could normally DPS (e.g. wasn’t running around with the flamethrower like an idiot).

The real challenge awaits though with the last 3 bosses of normal and then moving on to Heroic – first 2 HC bosses will be cake though if we shape up a bit. Glorious loot awaits! :D

Back to business

I guess that this is my hundredth post with a similar title, but hey, I have been super busy with school, work and all… bah, I have got no excuses anyway. Anyways, I got my BA degree and now I’m onto my MA, and while I’m doing this, I will be working on Deathtrap, Van Helsing III and 2 of our super secret other projects as well – plenty of work if you ask me. But, as most of you should know, Warlords of Draenor was announced, and it will release on November 13, and this is something that rises above all these tasks I listed above – WoW is love, WoW is life! Just kidding, of course :) .


Still, me and my friends have already decided to come back to WoW for this glorious event, and what’s more – I will try going for Realm First once again. Although I have succeeded in Pandaria, now my task will be a lot harder as I am on a high pop server, and I have sort of crap gear as I haven’t raided much in Pandaria endgame. This is why I am going to start playing 1 month beforehand and gear myself up as well as I can so I can stack up on flasks, potions and other goodies once again and jump into the race for level 100.

In my opinion, the new expansion will be exciting as hell, and I got reinforced in this especially after I have watched the Blizzard Gamescom livestream. The dev team talked about changes that bring back the old-school nature of WoW… yeah, yeah, I know that it will never ever be like Vanilla, and it will still be a lot more casual-friendly,  but what the hell.

Nowadays I don’t really feel like playing once again, but nevertheless I will renew my subscription soon – you know, a real WoW player comes back at least for expansions ;)

On a totally different note, I should check out the DIII expansion as well, but damn it, there is only 24 hours in a day :/

See you in Draenor!

World First! Not.

We have finally managed to get Madness HC down. This took around two wipe-nights, since Spine was the real deal (we got it down before the nerf, thankfully). Anyways, we are happy to start Glory of the Raider, although that dagger and axe won’t help an awful lot :)

Also, awesome music for you (this is what I listened to during the kill, so it might help :D):


Progress update, and other stuff

So, I am back from the ski holiday, it was awesome, although the last 2 days were a bit off since the edge of my snowblade went blunt and I couldn’t turn left without risking leg fracture :/ What’s a snowblade? Find out here.

By the time I was away, my guild downed Yorsahj 25 HC, which is a huge achievement, congrats to us! Also, I switched my spec to survival, which I do not like much, but guess that we need to go with the stream a bit :) Why? Picture says it all. It’s just too bad that I do not have the cursed tier leggings, thus missing the imba setbonus. I mean come on, those are really cursed. Never seen it from BH, nor from raid, but it dropped on both of our HC kills when I was not there, one of them even got vendored…

Now I am in a pretty bad mood since I am just after a loss streak in arena. We decided to make a somewhat fun team with my warrior friend. We had a stat of 15-5 , and we kept that tendency up until we went from ~1700 rating to 1510, since… ehh, I do not want to write about that, you know the feeling. Insta teamquit? :D

On the brighter side of the PvP planet: we CONQUERED Stormwind like hell, and we keep it up every now and then. My rogue, my friends rogue and the occassionally joining stealthers gank the living crap out of people in Stormwind. It can be really hard nowadays, since stealth detector elites are everywhere, not to mention vanish-immune guards what are constantly spawning… Seriously Blizzard, I play on a PvP realm. Make ganking viable at least on those realms.

Not to mention the following situation, which is kind of pathetic:
Our team consisted of 3 rogues, a ret paladin, a feral druid, and a warlock, all of them in 4000-4600 resilience. We killed a blood DK (prenerf) in around 40 seconds, going all out on him, and we lost 2 rogues (!) in the process. What the hell. And we even know something about pvp. At least I feel kinda good when remembering the blood dk in full cata armor who I killed with my hunter. Not to mention those two which we killed with our rogues in 2v2 arena (prenerf). And also, feral druids in arena…

Never mind, cutting off the rant, here is an image of the ganker crew (5 sec after the picture was taken, an army came, but we managed to kill most of them and escape):

And finally, here is a video on ganking in Wotlk: Still hard, but not impossible, when Megapull heals the crap out of his teammates with his imba resto druid ^^ (lowskilled, I was aware of that)

4.3.2 is finally out

  • Aspect of the Hawk now grants roughly 35% more attack power.
  • Deterrence now also reduces damage taken by 30% while active.
  • Black Arrow now ticks every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, as opposed to every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The total damage dealt by the ability is unchanged.
  • Lock and Load no longer benefits Arcane Shot, nor is it consumed by Arcane Shot.

The interesting parts are above :) Thank God they extended BA duration, it was a good choice (although I hate SV as a spec). In addition, there is a slight change on Vial of the Shadows, where its damage is lowered but its proc rate is increased to reduce PvP burst… too bad :/ Aaaaaaaaand…. NO MORE mature language filter bugs! Thanks in the names of many-many dirty-mouth players.

Also, I’ve managed to finish my AQ40 rep grind, and I finally acquired full T 2.5! My guild is progressing as well, we killed Ultraxion and Yorsahj on hardmode finally. (Too bad that I wasnt there on the Yorsahj kill, and the HC tier token dropped, of course.

I’ve been doing some PvP as well lately, both on rogue/shaman/hunter, and we kinda enjoyed ganking stuff in SW, since we managed to find some places where are no guards >:) You may have noticed that the post updates are not too good these days, and that is because I came home where I only have the shittiest PC ever. In addition, I’ll go to a ski trip on Saturday, but that does not mean I’m not gonna stay tuned :)

Here is a video about the crappy PC I have to play with:

Progress update

We managed to kill Hagara on 25-man heroic mode finally. The fight was intense and awesome, and the kill try was perfect until 5%, when our tank died because of a taunting mistake (Focused assault). Nevertheless, we downed her, and we are realm first on 25-man progress. Hagara was world 590th, which is quite nice, if we take the many-many recent changes in the guild into account.

Also, she dropped some hunter loot (too much even, according to my fellow guildmates :D), so I am the best geared hunter on the realm again! (Last time it was T10, and before that it was T8)

Also, tomorrow I’m having my last exam, and some major stuff will be up here when I’m finished :)

No kill shot since our officers SLACK all the time uploading those, so here is my screenshot, taken at the moment of the kill/nerdscream/etc.: