Phase 4

The elemental invasion finally went into the final phase. We need to stop them in capital towns in order to queue for the new bosses. They drop 251 loot, equivalent with ICC10. Also this is a lot more interesting than the previous events were. See the guide below, have fun =) Also note, that this is the last chance to do the feat Tripping the Rifts (also check guide)!

Wowhead guide


Raiding in Practice

It’s a shame, but I must tell you that since 4.0.1 came out, I done an OS25 3D zerg for a friend, and that was all the raiding experience I could get in the patch. That is mainly because I do not care much about content and achievements anymore, since the world’s coming to an end and stuff, you know.

But since I managed to get in (back) in Evil Eye, I went to an ICC25 some days ago, and could see the hunter class’ raiding style in practice. It was annoying as hell to watch focus seriously for the first time, but I did good DPS, been in top 4-5 in almost all fights.
Of course I was MM, and I went with my old wolf pet, since every debuff/buff was given in the raid. Some of the fights were harder, like Lich King, because Tranq Shot costs 35 focus now, so I needed to watch the Enrage CD more carefully. Vile Spirits were much cooler to nuke though.
I also managed to get my first HC token (lol), which is a bit ridiculous since I stacked DKP allllll long when I was raiding, but then the guild disbanded, so I couldn’t get one, which is funny, since aside from t10, I’m nearly full 277.

But before I could gem, reforge and enchant my new chestpiece, I went to the ICC graveyard with my hunter friend and camped alliance for a hour or so. You know, when they wipe on certain encounters, they instantly rez in the GY with 50-60 hp. All I can say is: Explosive Trap. We ganked the topguild Deus Ex and some other guilds over and over. It was hilarious. I made a video, but Youtube blocked it because its soundtrack kicked too much ass. Don’t we ALL love Youtube for doing that?

Finally at around midnight I managed to buy the gems for my new chest, and insert them properly inside. NOT.

Okay, I was tired, so I wasted a few hundred gold. Meh.

Renaissance of the Death’s Choice

Since the buff of Agility, this trinket became extremely powerful. Even the normal version is better than Whispering Fanged Skull HC. On my hunter, shows 138 DPS difference.

So if you still have one of these in your bank or backpacks, use this!
(Of course the HC version is far superior, no doubt that you’ll need to use that)

It began

Finally, the Elemental Invasion event has started.
There is a short questline what leads until Garrosh, and elementals spawn randomly from rifts.

Links what might help you:

Wowpedia description
Wowhead guide

Elemental Invasions
  • Every couple of hours a storm takes hold over one of the cities and you must bunker down and defeat the elementals!
  • At the start of the event you will be asked to place sandbags throughout the city to keep it from flooding.
  • Pick up a sandbag and drop it down in any of the locations with a floating red arrow!
  • Once the city is well fortified with the sandbags rifts will spawn in each district!
  • It is up to you and the rest of the Alliance (or Horde) to destroy the elementals being summoned and finally close off all the rifts in each district!
  • Once all the Rifts have been closed you can head back to the area of the city and enter either the Air Portal or Water Portal to queue up to kill two all new 5-man bosses – Prince Sarsarun and Kai’ju Gahz’rilla.

Many follow-up quests and events are not implemented yet, the event will progress slowly.

Something old became useful again

Yes, this post might be a bit “so lastyear” for some of the readers, but who cares.

After making the previous post about me gathering all those weapons and oldschool gear, I wondered if the patch affected any of my oldschool loots. And of course I instantly thought about the quivers, since they got converted into bags when 4.0.1 hit.
I’m talking about the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, the quiver we got from the hunter epic quest. With 4.0.1 this beauty got converted into a 24-slot bag. That’s quite huge if you ask me.

So if you happen to still have this in your bank, go and fetch it. It’s only the icing on the cake that the unique model of the quiver shows up on your back.

You can read a more detailed and very good article at the Rapid Fire blog by Gavendo. There you can also find information about changes of other quivers, such as Quiver of a Thousand Feathers. He also reminds us that the only other 24-slot bag ingame costs 3K gold. So you better get this before Cataclysm hits ;)

Holes in the patch

Patch 4.0.1a arrived today, and I was waiting for those annoying bugs to disappear. But it seems that nothing has changed about hunters. And these are not visual effect bugs or things like that, these affect gameplay and efficiency of the pets.

Pets still have 25% HP when called or logging in.
Pet’s charge ability disappears after recalling pet or relogging. Retalent does not help either.

Not to mention small visual bugs like Call Pet icons messing up, but who cares about this. The real issues are these pet bugs. I think there might be another bugs, but I haven’t managed to check them yet. Also check out my previous list about hunter bugs in 4.0.1.

The new definition for “Overpowered”

Just finished the gankfest with 2 hunters and 60 pets. Let the numbers talk:

– 30 Pets/hunter
– 50K Arcane Shots
– 20v2 = EZ mode
– 10K Ambush and Lightning Bolt spam = Useless.

We got killed by around 25 allies using chain AOE and mass fear/stunlock. It was ridiculous, I recorded it all, hopefully a cool video will be out tomorrow.