Scourer of the Eternal Sands

I am finally done camping the Uldum camel mount. It is a huge, huge baseball bat to the nuts as it can be basically anywhere in Uldum, and the mount is dropping from around every 16th figurine.

Anyways, here is a video with some instructions if you plan to get it ^^ (Although, most of the video is just “I remember” by Deadmau5, in HD)

The spawnmap can be found beneath the link  :)

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Patch 4.1 on PTR – Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub is back!

As MMO-champion announced, these two instances will be back in 4.1 as 5-man HC dungeons, dropping 353 loot aswell as rare mounts.

Yes, we’re proud to annouce that new rare-drop Raptor, Tiger and Warbear mount will be available, while the old mounts still have their unique beauty in hand.

Awesome. There will be other interesting stuff, check the link at the top. Ragnaros and Firelands… Mmm.

Also this one seems to be pretty nice. Many people are wondering if these new 5-man HC’s are the beginning of the so-called “Free epix” thingy again. Personally, I don’t think so.

Incoming awesomeness! I like these places very much, so I’m awaiting more patch notes. Be sure to check MMOchamp regularly :)

Back after leveling/gearing

So yeah, ding, whatever. I leveled together with 2 friends of me, and we finished among the very first. Only problem was that I could only log in at 1:15, since the server was full… Anyways, I dinged, and I also tamed the Ghostcrawler pet, and started gearing already. 100k hp ftw :D

I did a LOT of HC’s (Minimum itemlvl required = 329) and I already tried out Baradin Hold with my guild, (VoA style) the fight seems easy enough, just we lacked some gear, so we decided to go back to some HC farming.
I’m farming reputation and justice points at the moment, next post will be about hunter-specific rep rewards and HC loots.

I love that the HCs are hard (at least for now), but one thing I hate is the loooong queues and the fact that many ppl leave after the first trashpack wipe. They haven’t got used to CC trash, so  they zerg in, wipe and leave. Bam, another 30min queue incoming. :/

So stay tuned for the next posts about gear what you can obtain for your hunter! :)

Renaissance of the Death’s Choice

Since the buff of Agility, this trinket became extremely powerful. Even the normal version is better than Whispering Fanged Skull HC. On my hunter, shows 138 DPS difference.

So if you still have one of these in your bank or backpacks, use this!
(Of course the HC version is far superior, no doubt that you’ll need to use that)

Something old became useful again

Yes, this post might be a bit “so lastyear” for some of the readers, but who cares.

After making the previous post about me gathering all those weapons and oldschool gear, I wondered if the patch affected any of my oldschool loots. And of course I instantly thought about the quivers, since they got converted into bags when 4.0.1 hit.
I’m talking about the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, the quiver we got from the hunter epic quest. With 4.0.1 this beauty got converted into a 24-slot bag. That’s quite huge if you ask me.

So if you happen to still have this in your bank, go and fetch it. It’s only the icing on the cake that the unique model of the quiver shows up on your back.

You can read a more detailed and very good article at the Rapid Fire blog by Gavendo. There you can also find information about changes of other quivers, such as Quiver of a Thousand Feathers. He also reminds us that the only other 24-slot bag ingame costs 3K gold. So you better get this before Cataclysm hits ;)


F*k yes. Finally that bastard Baron dropped this beauty, and now I have all three items needed! It may seem strange that I collect stuff like that on my hunter, but when someone is bored with the current content AND cleared it 99.99% (No hc LK, meh), then he must find something to do. I love oldschool things (Vanilla was the best!1!), and I was farming this since long, Garr dropped 3 bindings in a row after two years of farming. That was ridiculous. But i saw one Baron binding and that’s mine now. I soloed it, and for all the hunters who want this, I tell a quick guide. By the way, I only need a bunch of elementium and arcanite for the forging, but I’m kind of broke since patch.

Anyways, here’s the guide on farming Baron Geddon effectively.

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