Back to Vanilla

During the past few months the need to play WoW was so strong that I have ventured to the Feenix Warsong realm to level a hunter – vanilla style. I have to say that I am impressed with the server, the population and the stability is great and almost everything works the way it used to be back then.


Yeah, that’s me. I have completed the Hunter epic quest recently, and I did it all by myself after I put my frustration aside. It was actually harder to do than it was on retail because on the server, all mobs have a 50 yard reset leash which means you can’t kite stuff indefinitely. Imagine killing the Winterspring demon without kiting… yeah, I did just that! I kited that bastard around two trees and if the routing was 100% perfect, I could pull it off so after an hour of trying, I finally managed to kill him. The Burning Steppes dude was a pain in the ass as well, because you have to melee him, and it takes a lot of time to kill him but if you make one mistake, you are dead. I specced into Scatter Shot though, so I had room for one mess-up, which helped a lot:


Of course, PvE was not everything that I did, oh no. I have some other characters on this realm, a full D2 rogue with AQ daggers, and my resto druid, Maedwe in Feralheart gear. With the rogue, it is obvious that I am in Silithus/EPL/STV and I am pwning it up 0-24 ;) I wrecked a full T2 Thunderfury-wielding Warrior, and I had several awesome kill streaks in good ol’ Silithus as well, not to mention sabotaging ally raids :)

But is this enough? I miss retail – because that’s where you can play with your friends in a truly awesome way. We’ll see what the future brings.


The expansion to come back for?

Warlords of Draenor.

No pandas, no pokemon fights, no ridiculous new races or classes. This expansion is literally oldschool, as it takes place in the past, filled with badass orc warlords and their clans. Is this the expansion that we were waiting for?

Despite feeling quite awful, last night me and my friend prepped some chips and food, and sat behind my new laptop (x550CC, i5, 720M, 8GB) to watch the Blizzcon live stream.


When the announcement was made by Chris Metzen (who else, I mean the guy has an awesome voice), we were like 5-year old boys when they get new toys in the kindergarten. It feels epic. Let’s see, what do we get?

  • LvL 100, of course
  • Draenor, a new continent. NOT A REMAKE of Outland, they clearly stated it at the event.
  • Multiple orc clans; the player must prevent Garrosh’s Iron Horde to pwn the world
  • New character models; They are friggin’ awesome!
  • Garrisons… Who are we kidding, Player Housing! This feels as the biggest thing in the xpansion, and it seems they are making this awesome. The amount of work that can go into building a perfect garrison can be insane. Of course, they put this in as a timesink for casual players, as there are missions that are progressing even when you are offline, and you got to build stuff almost RTS style, but this will be rewarding for HC players as well. Train and GEAR up followers who level up and get abilities and professions? Oh my god, I can see my real life fading away slowly…
  • Rewarding PvP, Trial of the Gladiator! Gear scaled down to an equal level so the only thing matters is pure skill.
  • And ofc new content, instances, all looking beautiful.

So all in all, this may be it. Despite some of the features being casual-appealing and timesinky, all of them are done in a way that they seem very-very useful to a HC player as well. Also, later that night, the new talents came in. Of course, we are only interested in one class:

Bola Shot
30 Focus, 40 yd range
Fires a bola at the target, which wraps around them. After 1 sec, it explodes, dealing 3000 Fire damage to them, and an additional 2000 Fire damage to all enemies within 5 yards.
Replaces Arcane Shot.

40 yd range
2.77 sec cast
Requires Ranged Weapon
Carefully line up the perfect shot, dealing 150% weapon damage. Generates 60 Focus.
Cannot be cast while moving.
Replaces Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.
Beast Mastery & Survival
Also refreshes Serpent Sting.
Also triggers Steady Focus.

With or Without You
Beast Mastery (Versatility)
Increases the effect of your pet’s Combat experience to 70% increased damage. Your pet now gains the following abilities, regardless of spec:

  • Rabid
  • Spiked Collar
  • Thunderstomp
  • Blood of the Rhino
  • Great Stamina
  • Bullheaded
  • Cornered
  • Boar’s Speed

Marksmanship & Survival (Lone Wolf)
Increases all damage dealt by 30% when you don’t have a pet active.

This is going to be awesome. BM seems really powerful, though the MM one seems lame a bit, forcing hunters not to use their pets…

Anyways, more to come!


This is an exceptional moment, because for the first time ever after a gaming marathon, I thought about blogging right before my mind turned towards sleeping. I dinged 90 after 18 hours of playing. There were multiple fails which made this time interval so big, such as the instance server crashing, forgetting to use guild banner until lvl 87, bugged bosses, or just simply getting stuck at a bad leveling zone.

However, I managed to get the realm first hunter achievement, and I finished in the top 25 overall (approximately). My friend was ahead of me with his hunter, but he had to leave, sadly (Honorary realm first rank goes out to him).

Towards the end it hit us: once again, this was an AV weekend expansion which makes you able to score retardedly high XP amounts under 5 minute Vanndar/Drek zerg runs (e.g. 2 million XP per win, 600k per loss).

Anyways, as I saw most of the stuff in beta, there was nothing really new for me. I liked the look of the new zones, but Silithus 2.0 just bugs me out (sorry for the bad pun, I’m awake since 40 hours).

More to come, but I need to accumulate some IRL rested first :P

Updated with video :P

Preparing for Pandaria

We already planned the IRL part of the launch with my friend: I’ll move to his place for the first two days :D No-life nerdrage ensued. On the ingame part though, I’m not quite sure about a few things. I played the beta to learn how to get ahead of others, but I still don’t have a plan, it’s just a pile of tricks and ideas in my head. However, here are the things what I’m certain about:

  • Get some empty backpack space (Trust me, it will be a hard task to accomplish)
  • Stockpile tons of potions, flasks and raid food for faster leveling
  • Preload 25 complete quests (Where?)
  • Make a pre-defined questing route
  • Buy every glyph before the expansion hits

These are the things that came into my mind for starters.

On the Diablo front, we’ve made a lot of gold by crafting The Helm of Command. If you want to earn some huge profit, just add us, Zanti#2326 or Megapull#1880. I do gem and other gear business while my friend crafts the helmets. Check forums for more information and feedback.

7 years down the road

Yep, it’s the birthday of WoW today, and I got my blog suspended as a present :). Thankfully it was a mistake and the site is back on running. We got a nifty 7% xp bonus along with a “tabard”, so time for some more alt leveling!

Otherwise there is not much going on, I finished leveling my priest, and my warrior is next. Also I got Skyrim, which is a major cause of the long blog update times ;)

World of Warcraft turns seven on November 23, 2011! It’s been a truly incredible seven years, and we’d like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year. To celebrate, players who log into the game between November 20 and December 3 will earn a feat of strength added to their Achievements and a “Celebration Package” item. Using your item will get the celebrations rolling by shooting off fireworks*, applying a (visual only) tabard to your character, and granting a 7% bonus to experience and reputation gains while active.
We look forward to another year of adventures ahead and many more to come!

*Please observe all goblin and gnome fire hazard warnings and celebrate responsibly.

What to do now?

Besides progressing, I mean… Yeah, we are still struggling with Rag25HC, but that is the case if you change half of the guild roster every week… I must mention about hunter applicants by now. I got used to being the only hunter in a guild for around 3 years now, but some months ago, hunters started to apply to my guild like hell. Around 20% of them were worthwhile and that made me thinking. It is a common stereotype that the hunter class has the most people who are mentally defocused (Oh boy, how nicely I said “retard”). And sadly, this stereotype seems to be based on reality. This may even enforce me to write a longer post about how they should apply to a guild or hell, even about what to do in a bossfight.

Jumping back to the original topic. What to do before the patch? Well, as I promised, I started leveling my alts now, I have 6 85s at the moment, I’m leveling my priest what’s currently 78. My warrior and mage is at 61/65. I just finished gearing up my rogue, and ganking is so much fun with it, just like old times at good old Freelancer in 2005 ^^.
Besides leveling (which I hate so much), I do oldschool instances for helping friends, and to get those missing items for my oldschool gear. As I wrote here already, I am a hardcore packrat. Still I miss a very few items, since I was unlucky back then, so I could not get the T2 shoulders, the T6 boots or the T4 shoulders.

Besides those, I am proud to say that I have the following sets on my hunter:

Full T1, 7/8 T2, some T3, 4/5 T4, Full T5, 7/8 T6, Full T7-T12, 7/8 D1, Full ZG set, Full Priest D1, Full S2

Also my rogue has 8/8 Bloodfang and 6/8 D2 and T1. Damn, they removed the D1 upgrade chain 1 day before I could complete the quest…
So this is what I’m doing at the moment… leveling and getting the gearz. I must get bigger backpacks though, my bank is already full of that stuff :).

Back after leveling/gearing

So yeah, ding, whatever. I leveled together with 2 friends of me, and we finished among the very first. Only problem was that I could only log in at 1:15, since the server was full… Anyways, I dinged, and I also tamed the Ghostcrawler pet, and started gearing already. 100k hp ftw :D

I did a LOT of HC’s (Minimum itemlvl required = 329) and I already tried out Baradin Hold with my guild, (VoA style) the fight seems easy enough, just we lacked some gear, so we decided to go back to some HC farming.
I’m farming reputation and justice points at the moment, next post will be about hunter-specific rep rewards and HC loots.

I love that the HCs are hard (at least for now), but one thing I hate is the loooong queues and the fact that many ppl leave after the first trashpack wipe. They haven’t got used to CC trash, so  they zerg in, wipe and leave. Bam, another 30min queue incoming. :/

So stay tuned for the next posts about gear what you can obtain for your hunter! :)