DLC release soon + other video

2013-09-24 12.56.51

Tank, I need an exit… Fast!

This is one of the rare moments when a Domovoy could steal my seat after I installed a fun screensaver on both of my work PCs. I just finished the beginning and the end of the new video about the Thaumaturge class DLC that will be released this Thursday on Steam. Why am I leaving out the middle? Well, I’m waiting for the sound file from our voice actor, who will talk about some of the nifty things that a Thaumaturge can do. Without it, I can only guess what will happen in the video, so all I can do is record some scenes and hope for the best ;). I must state though that I wrote the draft of the script already, so I have some idea about the happenings in the future video.

Another awesome thing is that I get the music composed on request. Yesterday I told that I need an 1:40 long piece with a faster part at the ending and some rhythm for the logos, and today it got delivered. Stuff like this will really make my work easier, as I edited the music of the previous video and as I’m not an audio editing expert, it was a baseball bat to the nuts.

Anyways, let’s hope for the best (i.e. I’ll be ready with the new video by Thursday afternoon), and keep on recording :)

By the way, you can win a free copy of the DLC, just follow the instructions here :)


An end of an era

As you could see, the site was lacking posts the few last months. I did not post any explanation until now, because I thought that I can solve this “problem”.

The thing is that I can only play World of Warcraft if I am one of the top-notch players at least on the server. Sadly, I simply became too busy to keep up this level of playing anymore, therefore I stopped playing World of Warcraft. I have not logged in more than a month ago, and although I miss my account terribly, I do not miss playing WoW. I had an amazing time during these seven years, and although I’ll probably come back someday, right now I feel that this won’t happen.

Being busy is just one reason to stop, although it is the main one. An other reason is that the playerbase and the game changed slowly over time. This is something I never thought to be able to affect my attitude towards the game. Maybe it didn’t, I’m just making up excuses… The game is still good, but in an other way. I miss the feeling you got when you ran into Orgrimmar in full Tier 2, if you remember that thing.

I hope I contributed well to the WoW scene with my guides, videos and blog posts, and I am happy to see people getting help from me. I would like to thank everyone for that.

I loved editing movies and writing posts, and oh, the lowbie gankfests in Duskwood… I will truly miss this part of my life, and this is why I will keep up the blog. I haven’t figured out how I’m actually going to do that, but I am sure about this decision. Also, I’ll write a longer lookback posts to sum up all my adventures in World of Warcraft, or maybe write interesting stories from the game that happened to me and my friends.

Until then, remain an awesome community and keep WoW on the top of the MMO throne for many more years ;)


World First! Not.

We have finally managed to get Madness HC down. This took around two wipe-nights, since Spine was the real deal (we got it down before the nerf, thankfully). Anyways, we are happy to start Glory of the Raider, although that dagger and axe won’t help an awful lot :)

Also, awesome music for you (this is what I listened to during the kill, so it might help :D):


Scourer of the Eternal Sands

I am finally done camping the Uldum camel mount. It is a huge, huge baseball bat to the nuts as it can be basically anywhere in Uldum, and the mount is dropping from around every 16th figurine.

Anyways, here is a video with some instructions if you plan to get it ^^ (Although, most of the video is just “I remember” by Deadmau5, in HD)

The spawnmap can be found beneath the link  :)

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New theme

Yup, I changed the blog theme to something more readable, and more simple. I hope you can browse it better, and read it more easily.

I will post about Hunter interfaces, addons, and I will start (continue?) the Lookback series, which will contain stories from the early days of WoW.
Also, I’ll add some more pet guides and stuff :)

Here’s some 90’s thrash metal for you ^^ (Annihilator – The Rush)

Sounds like music to my ears

I listen to all kinds of music, but 95% of the time, I listen to Rock and Metal music \m/  .

There is a great collection of the best soundracks taken from the best PvP movies of all times. Perfect for lowbie ganking, raiding and battlegrounds :)

The playlist is below the link, but let’s start with two classics from Vurtne 1:
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In Flames : Cloud Connected

Sum 41 : Still Waiting

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