Firelands progress update

So, we killed six bosses in the Firelands already, and we had very good tries on Ragnaros, though we tried Rag after raid with a 10man raid only. Though we only spared his life since our tank needed to go.

Also, yesterday the mount dropped from Alysrazor, and I rolled a hardcore 15 on it. The mount is owned by our DK tank Gargle. It looks kinda cool, though it is a ground mount only. Anyways, everyone in the raid was jelaous as HELL.

I’m getting gear slowly, got seven Firelands pieces already. But sadly I wont be home next week so probably I’ll miss the Rag kill and his loots. Since I am the only raider hunter in Evil Eye atm, and also I racked up tons of dkp for Firelands, the chances of getting stuff are above high :P

Anyways I hope it will be a smooth kill, though our last raid was a bit messed up :/

I had around 11k honor

Also, I got the Honor compensation thankfully. I was waiting for it then I checked my mailbox though I did not see the “New Mail” mark, and there was my preciousssss gold.
For those who don’t know about this: Conquest points were converted to Honor (Above the 4k cap if necessary), then after a week, Honor points above cap were converted into gold at a 35s / point rate.