Darth Maul style Thunderfury

Welp, I am back on retail since almost a month, and I quite enjoy… gold farming. Yeah.

Also, WoW is 11 years old now…

On a related note, just sharing that if you equip the real Thunderfury with your Hunter (since you obviously must have it given that it is THE hunter weapon) and use the inflatable one that players receive in the 11th anniversary gift, you get this:

dual TF

How friggin’ epic is that? :D Very.


Hunter Weapon!

I managed to get some new gear for my character, namely HC shoulders, HC staff (Insane mastery, I tell you!), aaaaand… Gurthalak!

It would be kinda nice to Raptor Strike around with it as the proc has no ICD, but switching it around is too complicated, I believe. (Even with macros)

Oh. I almost forgot to mention that I laid my hands on the Deathwing drake, thanks to Kuratorn for that.

New gaming stuff

So, I must confess that i’ve been playing with a 10-year old ps/2 mouse and keyboard. Now I thought that I should buy some new stuff.

So, I bought a Razer Lycosa keyboard, along with an Abyssus mouse, Sphex Mousepad and a Creative Fatal1ty headset.
Unfortunately the mousepad does not stick to any surface at all, though I’ve read somewhere that it gets fine after 1-2 days.

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