Druids before raiding

I have made this short clip out of pure nostalgia. Every single time the druids would argue about their spec, and I kid you not, this is how it exactly went down:


Progress with the new guild

Well, the first raid is over at our guild, Paragnosia (very, very bad name if you ask me), and my fears thankfully did not manifest during the raid – at least not all of them.

See, the main deal was that the guild was founded by a small core of my friends who’ve been playing WoW the HC way since many years. However, these five or six guys are obviously not enough to fill a raid up, therefore we had to recruit, and you may know that raiding with a bunch of new guys can be really frustrating.

However, we decided to go normal for first, and it was going smooth for a while – we oneshotted the first boss, and the second one too, even though the Cleave mechanism was badly fucked up by the groups. This might be an indicator to the fact that Normal difficulty is very, very easy, but nevertheless, we went on to kill the third and fourth boss as well without much trouble.


On Brackenspore, I could even see some focus and working tactics going on, which was really nice to see after such a long hiatus. I also have to mention that I led the raid, which is kind of a mixed blessing since I was kind of good at it back then, but now I am clearly not. Top that off with a shitty laptop microphone and there you have the weirdest raid leader ever.

Hunter DPS was awesome, I was in the top 3 when I could normally DPS (e.g. wasn’t running around with the flamethrower like an idiot).

The real challenge awaits though with the last 3 bosses of normal and then moving on to Heroic – first 2 HC bosses will be cake though if we shape up a bit. Glorious loot awaits! :D

Pets are fine, l2p!

Last night, my pet tanked a Challenge mode boss and barely took hits while a paladin tank got absolutely squished by the very same boss. What the hell?

This story takes us to UBRS, and within the instance, the second boss. The boss has two adds, and the tactics are pretty simple: Burn adds, then kill boss (besides the boring stand-out-of-stuff-and-interrupt thingy). However, the Paladintank could not survive all 3 monsters bashing on him, so I figured to try pet tanking. It was not the Paladin’s fault – the class has an extremely weak tank spec as it seems to me right now.

Out goes Disconnect the shale spider! I go up on the ledge, and Misdirect the boss to my pet while I keep pewpewing the adds. I figured that popping Last Stand and Shield Wall on the pet should give us enough time to kill the adds. Then I realized that my pet barely takes damage even without these skills active. Mend Pet (glyphed obviously) healed it up just fine…


Notice that this was in Challenge mode where everything hits a gazillion times harder. So in a HC, my pet could’ve probably solo tanked the whole thing.

Ooookkay. Also, I pulled up one add to the ledge, then I disengaged on the pillar besides the boss, causing the add to evade-bug, so we only had to focus on a single monster. Hunters, bringing the P(ro) in PvE since 2004.

I became more curious and by the time we got to the arena boss, I figured – what the hell, this dude can tank the boss just as fine as the previous one, and boy I was right. Our tank went DPS (lol) and we downed the boss EZ mode.

My pet saved us one more time on this fight though: with another group, we wiped on the boss, and all the adds and the boss himself began running towards the only player alive: me.

  • Deterrence
  • Pet Swap
  • Shield Wall on pet
  • ???
  • Profit!

By the time this happened, we wiped at least 30 times on this boss, so when it finally went down, I was screaming on Teamspeak like I am back in 2005, raiding Molten Core…

This is the point when I got to say that the amount of challenge really brings back the game to vanilla levels, which is awesome. But many people forget that vanilla SUCKED hard in many aspects, and some of those are back in WoD as well, sadly. But all in all, it’s still the best expansion to date. There are two very good videos out there, showing you the good and the awful side of vanilla – check them out, they’re made by one of my favourite WoW casters, Preach! I highly recommend his 40-man raiding videos as well, they are hilarious ;)

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I am constantly gearing up my character from challenge modes, and boy is it annoying as hell. Since the groups in my guild are random, there is always a “good” group which means they have the ideal class setup with all raid buffs, ergo they can get it down in less then a hour or something without even trying.

But there is always a group with a more unlucky setup and the suckage begins right there with the low dps, the unhealable tanks – speaking of which, WTF is going on with pala tanks lately? They are the epitome of paper right now as it seemed to me last night in UBRS.

When you can't do a challenge mode because of bad DPS, what do you do? EXPLOIT!

When you can’t do a challenge mode because of bad DPS, what do you do? EXPLOIT!

But this is by far not the most frustrating aspect of the damned challenge modes. It is the loot itself that you get from it.

As you may know, the cache after completing a challenge mode contains a random epic. Another well-known fact is that you get a neat 640 epic helm from Molten Core. Now tell me: what are the odds of getting THREE helmets in a row from challenge modes? Well, I did not do the math, but I sure did got the three frickin’ helmets. And two boots after that.

Now I am in a happier mood though since I just finished the daily CM and I got the fabled Warforged Epix Shoulders of Awesomeness!

The DPS of the class feels awesome. I can dish out immense crits, but the lack of haste really shows itself in the long cast times. Still, it is no problem to do something like this easily:

EZ mode

EZ mode

It is challenging to manage a focus pool of 120 with shots worth of 45 and 50 focus, especially with these long cast times. I still mess up, but it gets rarer and rarer as I play more over time. All in all, it is pretty awesome. I miss Gnomekiller though, it is super weird not to have a pet. However, pets are friggin’ hilarious in instances, as I’ll add a short story about them in a next post soon.

The Kill Shot>Chimera Shot>Glaive Toss>Aimed Shot>Steady Shot rotation feels smooth, with the exception of one thing. It’s the Thrill of the Hunt talent combined with Aimed Shot’s “passive” which refunds focus. I know that it is impossible to replace Aimed Shot’s focus refund with a focus cost reduction since you can’t predict if it will crit or not, but you have to precalculate your other abilities this way and it feels a little bit rough. You are casting an Aimed Shot and only after it hit your target does your focus bar bumps back so you can cast, say, a Chimera. To be clear, I have no problem with this, it just feels awkward.

Back to the challenge modes: there is always a need to use game mechanics cleverly (especially for me), as Blizzard likes to put it. As you can see on the first picture, something is really wrong there. What happened is that I was in a very tired and low DPS UBRS group and we barely got down the bosses:

  1. The first one was pretty OK.
  2. The second one was evade bugged by me, then tanked by my pet full time. Yes. My pet tanked a Challenge mode boss. More on that later.
  3. The third one was killed after 20 tries because nor the heal nor the DPS was enough and adds were still there so this was before the hotfix. On the gazillionth try, I was the last man standing, and I chain rezzed my pet in Deterrence and killed the boss.
  4. This is where it got ugly. We could not deal with this boss whatsoever, and we were on the brink of giving up, when I misdirected it to the tank who ran out immediately. Then the boss did not evade. Also I outranged his abilities, so I just DPSed it down. I know that it’s kind of lame to do such a thing, let alone post about it but I’m pretty sure it will get fixed within days with or without this article anyway.
  5. The last boss was pretty straightforward.

So, to me, it felt kinda like carrying, right? :D

Winlords of Draenor… or Laglords of Delaynor?

Well, here I am after the huge grind to level 100, including getting the full Heroic gear for Megapull, and I have to say, that despite all the

  • Huge lag
  • Immense 5k+ queues
  • Random instance kicks when boss is at 1%
  • Garrison fails

this is a friggin’ awesome expansion! Let me tell you the quick summary of how I dealt with the challenges of Draenor so far, so I can expand a bit on my experiences about the new expansion of WoW…

It all began with the preparation. I wanted to ding 100 among the very first, so I prepared well.


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Look what I’ve found!

So, browsing my old documents, I found a huge ass database that I made from ALL the rare pets in game. It contains over 60 pets’ description. It may still be really useful for some people. Sadly, it only contains rare pets up to Cataclysm, so no MoP rares, sorry. Anyways, it contains:

  • Pictures
  • Spawnpoints
  • Tame Tricks
  • NPC ID’s for NPCScan
  • …and more!

I  hope that you can use it. To check it out, click the image below :)


Fresh opinion

Mists of Pandaria is the best expansion since BC so far. At least to me, it is clear that this expansion brought (back) changes that are lifting up the gameplay heavily. The new heroics are nowhere as tedious as Cataclysm HCs were, but they are still challenging. The raid bosses? So far, only the world bosses were enabled, but hell, I did not party this good since Kazzak.

The reputation grinds may seem hardcoreish, and the same applies to the new Mote system for example (which are soulbound). Why is that good? These stuff have an impact on economy, therefore everything. Content will last longer, and of course we have to spend more time with the actual game instead of afking around. The lore of the game is even better than before, and although I still don’t get how the hell did pandas manage to get in to the WoW, we get so much interactive storytelling, cinematics (In places where they are NOT annoying, see Cataclysm) and quests. Heck, we get a friggin’ Dragonball mount if we check out some lore items!

The only backside (if I have to find one) is the talent system. I think it’s awesome, but there was nothing wrong with the old talent trees. I can’t wait to begin some awesome raiding tomorrow. (Not to mention instant gladiator with double BM because we are redonkulously overpowered.)