/This was written when I was a hardcore WoW player, but still, it mostly stands :D/

That’s me, Megapull from Bloodscalp. I started this blog to share my thoughts and adventures with other gamers, also to provide some stuff what gives some relief from all the excel-spreadsheets, boss wipes and patch dramas.

You can find a lot of things here:

  • Guides
  • Reviews
  • Latest patch and expansion info
  • Information about latest class changes
  • Cool music
  • Videos
  • Fun stuff
  • …And more!

Nowadays I’m gearing up my character from 25man raids, I try to revive outdoor ganking, go to oldschool instances, have fun with friends and stuff. Any thoughts and advices are welcome here, feel free to contribute.

For more information, read the post about my WoW-Career.

Times have changed, man… Now I am working for NeocoreGames as a video editor / CM. I have just finished my MA as well – I can tell you, it was not pretty to do along with the job. But I killed it, and now I’m learning Czech because what the hell.

Also, have this picture of the best movie ever before you move on:

Thanks for checking in ;)


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