Darth Maul style Thunderfury

Welp, I am back on retail since almost a month, and I quite enjoy… gold farming. Yeah.

Also, WoW is 11 years old now…

On a related note, just sharing that if you equip the real Thunderfury with your Hunter (since you obviously must have it given that it is THE hunter weapon) and use the inflatable one that players receive in the 11th anniversary gift, you get this:

dual TF

How friggin’ epic is that? :D Very.


Announcement :P

Hello everyone,

I have reached 100K views on my youtube channel recently, and parallel to this, I have got an opportunity to continue working for Neocore Games as a game tester, and I’ll also have to make videos and reviews for them hopefully. Without further ado, here is my announement about this:

So this means that I’ll have some great stuff to work on, and I can resurrect this blog hopefully from its ashes.

On the sidenote, I made another video today, because I got in a nostalgic mood towards WoW… I have never been closer to the dangerzone (e.g. subscribing again) than today. Don’t forget, the last time I was online was in last October :P So anyhow, here is me getting Thunderfury with my rogue, and killing a poor mage in the process. I always admired those who could get this awesome weapon back in vanilla, as it could literally took years. Well, getting the damn bindings took a year to me as well (you can read about how I got it with my hunter here and here), so it is still hard to get it :p

Movie weekend

Ok, sorry for going a bit offtopic, but here is something you should definitely watch.

Film of the past few years, I believe

So, it’s Drive with Ryan Gosling. This movie hit me like a brick when I saw it for the first time. I just saw it again and I rarely do that. This is how good this film is. The music, the emotions, the action part – it’s nearly perfect. Well done, Nicolas Winding Refn.

Some OST to set up the mood: