What now?

With the quite somber tone of my previous post, the question about the future of this “blog” naturally came up to me for the 23rd time.

On this occassion, I thought that I’m gonna go easier on myself as not only have I laid my hands on a decent PC recently, but I also began/continued to play some cool games such as Overwatch, Diablo, DayZ, CS:GO, Dying Light, and the list goes on.

Basically, I’ll casually make some content of the stuff that I do not so casually.

Also, quite a lot of work is looking up for me, an upcoming devdiary series on our newest game W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr.

Also, I have reverted the header to the old one to honor the 10 years of WoW that maybe just came to an end. ;)

I feel good looking into the future, so, dear 15 visitors, get prepared for some content!


Moved in to the new office – kickstart!

So, we have just moved in to our new offices at NeocoreGames, and man, it is awesome.

Here is my gaming work rig at the moment (decorations and cable arrangement is still temporary as there is some work to do):


The left one is the Beast with a dual GTX590, and the Alienware laptop is called the Monster… guess why. What I will do on these computers? Mostly videos about our games, so I’ll be sharing quite a lot of entertaining stuff with you hopefully.

So, work has really started, and with it, this blog starts as well again. I’ll continue with updates about our fresh games and the ones in development, so stay tuned!

The first announcement is that within the company, we have decided to run weekly streams of our games, mainly The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. The streams will be done by me and my co-worker, Valkyrie. The time is still something to be decided upon, but most likely the streams will be held at

Thursdays, from 10AM Pacific Time, (8PM CET)

The link to our Twitch channel is http://www.twitch.tv/neocoregames.

Should any updates come, I’ll add them to this post (or a new one if they are more important).

Incoming stuff

So, nowadays I have an awful lot of work, but I am planning to release the following articles:

  • Big a$$ “How to hunter” guide for newcomers and for the “I think I know everything about my class” ones aswell. You’re not prepared.
  • My UI and advices on making an UI. (My UI isn’t a big deal btw, dont expect much ;))
  • Another big advice list about the current PvE content fight by fight.

There is a big chance on making errors in the two bigger articles, but I try to make them as good as I can. I saw many hunters playing their class wrong (I guess I’m not alone, there was a WCM poll about which class contains the most noobs…), and I am far from perfect, but I want to share my thoughts about playing a hunter.

Preparing for the race

Yes, I will aim for the Realm First level 85 achievement, hopefully along with my hunter friend Syntha, since we do not want to do it alone, because of the boredom.  Also I got random whispers about trying to be realm first or not.

In fact, a whisper like this started me to think about being realm first.

So yes, I’m preparing! Filling the quest log with the best available quests, preferably deliver a lot of them at one place, like the Wintergrasp ones and the Sons of Hodir dailies. Also thinking about flasks, raidfood, backpack cleaning (since I have all that orgrimmar gear with me everytime ^^), and what not.

Of course, IRL preparation is the real deal, buying the “Raid Food” and setting up the place to level comfortably and fast. It will be much easier though than previous expansions, since we only need to gain five levels now. Also, some nerds on the PTR have managed to ding in half a day or less, so yeah, we’ll need to do it in one long, strong and fast go.

And you may ask, how the hell to do a realm first achievement together? Well, I don’t think that I will care about the achievement, we’ll talk about it with my friend.

The beginning is the hardest. After that when you gained some advantage, it will be EZ-mode ;)

Lack of time

Hey there, I just wanted to inform all the readers that the site lacks posts nowadays because I have too much stuff to do in RL, so I do not have much time atm to post a lot. Anyways, this ends soon, so prepare for daily posts incoming from the weekend. Also, because of being late, I made two Taming the Beast episodes, to keep you entertained (at least I hope ;)).

Megapull (Back around the weekend!)

Short news

  • Elemental Invasion went into its second phase on November 8, with two (!) epic quests to do.
  • Blizzard announced a new authenticator, which is based on your telephone and a free-to-call number, plus a pin code.
  • We can racechange to goblin/worgen at the first day of Cataclysm. Goblins and worgens need to wait until they leave starting zones to change races.
  • A new Taming the Beast video will be out soon. (I just have many other things to do at the moment, sadly.)
  • I rolled a hunter on Darkspear for nostalgy :) Lvling without BoA and friends.