Back to Vanilla

Whew, a darn long time since my last post – you may as well think that I have abandoned my blog, and well, sadly enough, it is pretty close to the truth. Why? Well, this was a blog driven by my WoW addiction which toned down nowadays due to a load of factors, although it’s pretty usual stuff:

  • Work
  • School
  • The game is not as good as it used to be

The last one is the most painful, since I miss my character a lot. Damn I played it for more than a year total gametime, so you might imagine that I don’t want to simply leave it forgotten in kokgear for the rest of time… Hell, it had server rank 1 gear through 3 tiers :C

Well, as for Warlords, it was pretty great, but as you have probably guessed it by now, I do not play. The guild we made with our friends fell apart since the core ( =me&my friends) had an expectation that was not really met by anyone we invited to the guild. Yes, Hungarian WoW players are average at best (salute goes out to the exceptional bunch, you are the best).

After the guild was pretty much left for dead and the main core was scattered to the wind, I left. What helped my decision is that I am super busy nowadays with all the work at NeocoreGames – at least I enjoy it a lot ;)


But let’s cut to the chase: I am currently playing WoW on Nostalrius, a pretty damn good Vanilla blizzlike server. Yeah, I have my characters on Feenix, including my Rhok’Delar Hunter (:C), but the population on Nostalrius is twice as much as it is on Feenix, which means at least ~4K people online at all times.

I love Feenix a lot more, but the population is simply much better, so I rolled a hunter on this realm, and started the grind to level 60. Man, is it fucking depressing to level in 1.12… Anyways, I am lvl 43 at the moment, grinding to get my mount (sigh…).

I also got Broken Tooth recently, the cat that has 1.0 attack speed, so pretty much it makes him a caster’s bane since you can push back a cast bar infinite times in Vanilla. I made a post about obscure WoW pets a while back, be sure to check it out :D

You might think it is not a big deal to tame something on a private server, but well, this dude has a 8 hour spawn timer and I saw this when i got to the spawn point the first time:


Yep, a freaking army of hunters camping and having tame scripts running 0/24. A guy literally had a macro that spammed Tame Beast every 20 milliseconds… I was impressed – Vanilla hardcoreness needs Vanilla dedication! 

So the competition was super tough.

Needless to say, I tamed Broken Tooth the next time he spawned : D – I guess I still got it, taming all freaking ingame rare pets before must have made me a pr0.

So if you like the challenge, be sure to check out Nostalrius, and let’s play together!


Look what I’ve found!

So, browsing my old documents, I found a huge ass database that I made from ALL the rare pets in game. It contains over 60 pets’ description. It may still be really useful for some people. Sadly, it only contains rare pets up to Cataclysm, so no MoP rares, sorry. Anyways, it contains:

  • Pictures
  • Spawnpoints
  • Tame Tricks
  • NPC ID’s for NPCScan
  • …and more!

I  hope that you can use it. To check it out, click the image below :)


NPCScan for Dummies

I decided to write a short yet compete guide about this nifty addon for every pet-hunter out there.

Getting started

For those who don’t know about this, this is an addon what alerts you with a sound and a warning when a pre-specified rare mob is nearby. No targetting or tracking is needed, the addon does it for you. Basicly all you need to do is fly over the spawnspots or camp one.

It is called NPCScan and it can be downloaded from Curse. Continue reading

The end of pet collecting

Finally I think I’m done. I have all of the most sought after and rare pets ingame, which means (amongst others):


  • Rak’shiri (Tamed this back then)
  • Sian-rotam
  • Ghost Saber
  • Olm the Wise
  • Chromaggus


  • Angered Arakkoa Protector
  • Gezzarak
  • Nuramoc


  • Skoll
  • Gondria (5-6 times)
  • Loque’nahak (6 times)
  • Arcturis (3 times)
  • King Krush (2 times)
  • Aotona


  • Karoma
  • Madexx
  • Sambas
  • Terrorpene
  • Magria
  • Ahnka
  • Skarr
  • Karkin
  • Kirix
  • Solix
  • Deth’tilac
  • Skitterflame (Abandoned since trash pet has same model)
  • Anthriss (Abandoned since trash pet has same model)
  • Jadefang

I just marked out the most important ones, and I might miss some since I’m a bit tired. There were countless times when I helped someone else to tame them, or logged to my friend’s account to tame them. Now I have the above ones and some other ones in my stables (The very rares on my main, others on alt).