The amazing look of the subsectors in Inquisitor 40K

I just finished editing this short video, and the detail in the formations is amazing, our engine coder really did miracles with the thing. It is always so entertaining to work with such high quality raw materials (even if YouTube butchers it a lil’ bit after uploading).

Be sure to check out the devblog post on the topic! And just look at this thing:



The Caligari Sector in W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr

I just finished a new snippet of our upcoming game, Inquisitor – Martyr, and it looks pretty good ;)

More importantly however, this hopefully marks the beginning of a new video series, as this Dataslate contains a few in-office shots already:

(In all honesty, the music takes the cake in this one. Check out the composer.)

This was basically the test-run of a longer devdiary series, where people will talk about the game in detail, and the production quality will be pumped up a bit with some better equipment, namely a nicer tripod and a cam rail maybe. I’m excited to work on something that will have nice lighting, a makeup artist and all the usual stuff that goes into the production of a video like this. I’ll do the editing as per usual, and hopefully I’ll be able to shot a few scenes in there too :)

Check out the full devblog post about the video here.