A few nights ago I boosted a couple friends in Karazhan… with my warrior, sadly. Why is this sad?

That’s why. Anyways, Thank God for MoP as mounts will be shared for all characters. After all, we can cross one more out of the list!

  • Deathcharger’s Reins
  • Time-Lost Proto-Drake
  • Phosphorescent Stone Drake
  • Swift White Hawkstrider
  • Reins of the Raven Lord
  • Fiery Warhorse
  • Uldum Camel (CBA figuring out the name)
  • Brewfest mounts
  • White Polar Bear
  • Reins of the Blue Drake
  • Reins of the Azure Drake
  • Reins of the Onyxian Drake
  • Ashes of Al’ar

Yep, this is just my own list of the most wanted mounts… I’m not including a lot of mounts which are considered rare by many. Why? Because either people ninja them, or overgear zerg everything so they can get them easily. The mounts above are just fuuuarking rare or they involve solo skill or camping. A few other mounts what did not made the list: OS3D mounts (Killed as progress), ICC25 Drake (Killed as progress), VoA Mammoth (solo EZ mode), Amani Warbear, Blazing Drake, Handmaiden, U25 mount, Green Proto, Red proto, Red Tank, etc. Oh and the almighty Brown Wolf itself! Yeah, I managed to put my hands on that beauty.

Old ZG Tiger? FFFFFFFFUUUUUU. I consider that I have it… I farmed it for a year and seen it drop, only to be passed to my friend who stopped playing since. Life sucks. More on the damned tiger here.

For the two blue drakes, I feel that they will never drop, although soloing Malygos is becoming more and more easier. Al’ar… hopelessly farmed since release (more or less). Onyxia is something I can place hope into, though…


Just got a mini heart attack

Why? THIS spawned, and my PC froze, and an ally hunter was flying there as well. What do you do? Ctrl-alt-del, find bugged process, kill, follow drake, stun ally, pull drake, survive fall, all in 5 seconds… YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!

Opening towards the AH

I finally leveled up my alts’ professions, namely JC, Enchanting and Tailoring, and I decided to make some money out of it. It seems all easy: Download TradeskillMaster, analyze the market and the game is on. Well, its not that easy, but combining deep undercutting with 1c undercutting, it works out pretty well.

I also had a guildbank tab full of herbs, so I decided to make some flasks with Megapull. I, the flask master, proc’d a grand total of 4 flasks from like a thousand herbs. The unluck is still there ;) This remembers me when I actually made some flasks for my fellow guildmates when they asked me (before the cauldron era), and the same thing happened, most of the time.

On the PvP front, I had some changes as well, I geared up my PvP alts in full Cataclysmic armor, finally. Lately I am asked a lot by several people to do 2s or 3s with them, and this makes me sad, since I would gladly kick some ass in the arena while (this is the most important) taking it serious, but I simply do not have the time for it. Maybe a bit later… eurgh, that’s what I always whisper to the poor people :/

Today, when I played some 2s for the cap with my rogue, I encountered a feral druid. Later on, I popped Evasion and Combat Readiness. Shortly after, this happened (I have 4300 resi on that toon):


Mmmmkay. Speaking of ridiculous things, I found a holy paladin for my enha shaman (4600res, 397 weapons) to cap 2v2. God the fights were long, even longer than I expected. On the other hand, I managed to kill a holy paladin in 1v1! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this took 6.1 million damage and 21 minutes :/

Thekal’s mount and Cataclysm

So, I had luck yesterday, but I think I will never have luck with this one.

Yes, I am talking about the damned Zulian Tiger mount. I’m farming it since 14 months or more. It dropped once, but that time I had a friend with me, oh well. He’s the one who made me play, so he deserves it. Also he was the one who got his Baron mount on his first run after I got mine after a looooad of tries. I got it while the droprate was 1 in 5000. Next week they buffed it to 1% then he sent me an SMS about the drop. Oh, time to name this friend, his name is Azerothh/Yayoo/Yoyo/whatever. He just sold his account after five years of playing. I hope I can get him back to cataclysm anyways.

So here’s how I do the mount farming. (I know that a lot of people know the method, oh well.)

NOTE: The zone will be reworked in Cataclysm, so you won’t be able to get your mount. That’s why I’m so stressed :/

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