Hotfix – Aimed Shot nerf, but where are the bugfixes?

  • Aimed Shot damage has been decreased to approximately 160% weapon damage (at level 80+), down from 200%.
  • Aspect of the Hawk now provides around an additional 2000 attack power at level 85.

Okay, I know it’s not a big nerf at all, and I’m happy with the aspect change, but these kind of fast changes and reverts make me feel that they dont care about us too much… Also, they mentioned this change before in a blue post, so we could count on it, and yeah, Aimed Shot was pretty OP.
But still, they do changes like this…

instead of fixing these damn bugs:

  • If Fire! procs while casting Aimed Shot, both Aimed Shots will be free.
    (Fix this and don’t nerf the entire shot TBH)
  • Deterrence cannot be used when disarmed. (They promised this in 4.0.6)
  • Master’s Call does nothing when in LoS but CD goes away.
  • Scatter Shot does NOT stop autoshot.
  • Tranq, Multi, Silence shot has still 35 yard range. Did they forget it or wtf?
  • Freeze Trap is on the spell pene list but spellpen does absolutely nothing with the trap. (This is actually since a long time ago)
  • And my ?*!$#ing pet has STILL 5k HP when I call it so it can be oneshotted by a friggin lvl 80 mob.
  • Ice trap is still on an uselessly big CD but we can’t double trap anymore.

So pretty please WAKE the fk up and do as intended. Thanks.


Unique pets in Cataclysm

Here is a list of pets what are unique, rare-elite and originally meant to be hunter pets.
I managed to tame Sambas and Ghostcrawler pretty early. The rest will follow soon :) Also, I share some general taming advices at the bottom.


lvl 85 Rare
Spirit Beast (Ferocity)
116,235 Health
Location: Twilight Highlands

This beauty has the exact same skin as the famous Grimtotem Spirit Guide had. Now it’s available for every Beastmaster out there. It does not patrol, so it might be pretty easy to camp. Only trouble is that there are many-many hunters seeking him, and also there are a lot of farmers in TH.

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So, we killed Halfius and the first two bosses in BWD aswell a week ago, the fights were very intense, and well balanced. Although, they still seemed to be easy. My char is starting to be epic also, gathered some loot from the new VoA and from the bosses I mentioned above.

The only thing my character lacks is a ranged weapon, because i am unlucky as hell with the drops. I became revered with Hellscream’s Reach yesterday, but I want to try my luck once more before I take the rep crossbow.

Also need to get gold, since engineering is a pain to level without mining, and I won’t level my miner/herba druid for a while… I’m lazy :P

Back after leveling/gearing

So yeah, ding, whatever. I leveled together with 2 friends of me, and we finished among the very first. Only problem was that I could only log in at 1:15, since the server was full… Anyways, I dinged, and I also tamed the Ghostcrawler pet, and started gearing already. 100k hp ftw :D

I did a LOT of HC’s (Minimum itemlvl required = 329) and I already tried out Baradin Hold with my guild, (VoA style) the fight seems easy enough, just we lacked some gear, so we decided to go back to some HC farming.
I’m farming reputation and justice points at the moment, next post will be about hunter-specific rep rewards and HC loots.

I love that the HCs are hard (at least for now), but one thing I hate is the loooong queues and the fact that many ppl leave after the first trashpack wipe. They haven’t got used to CC trash, so  they zerg in, wipe and leave. Bam, another 30min queue incoming. :/

So stay tuned for the next posts about gear what you can obtain for your hunter! :)

Cataclysm awaits

So yeah, tonight, it will begin. I think I am prepared well, hope that you did the same too ;). Tomorrow, hopefully I can go to my first Cataclysm raid, and tell my experiences about the leveling. I’ll try to sleep a bit before I start to grind at midnight though.

Now go and prepare if you forgot it ;)

Purple kodos and lost tigers

I started a Tauren Priest recently (Purple kodos for the win), to check out the new quests and zones. Also the only class I do not have is the priest so this was a perfect opportunity to level one.

All I can say, the quests are very good, I enjoyed the Stonetalon Mountains chain, where we can see Garrosh from his more positive side :). Also, the XP is insanely good, and the zones are beautiful. Though many zones received very little modifications, I expected much more changes than I got. Anyways, this is good in some ways, because most of the old zones remained in their old state.

I leveled to 35 in 11 hours, which is kinda fast I think. But from now on, I will instance grind on holy a bit since I hate leveling from 35-45 and the instance quests are very-very good, and personally, I love the instances within this level bracket.
About the instance quests: Nearly every instance has a bunch of quests, which are located inside the instance, so you do not need to travel for them… this helps a LOT if you ask me. Many instances have quests worth a level or more.

So, I like the patch, and I can do something else besides preparing for the expansion with my main.

Oh, and on the night before the patch, I made my last Zul’Gurub run :'(
Rest in Peace Zulian Tiger, hopelessly farmed for nearly 2 years.

The Shattering

Yes, I know it’s late, but I was driving all day, so forgive me. The world shattered today, as everyone may know.

The 30MB patch sure brought an immense amounts of bugs, like hunters summoning a pet while the previous one was dead and things like that. These were hotfixed instantly though.

/brb, lvling my alt with my friend ;)