Progress and Gear

We are at 4 bosses in MGV now, and it seems all OK. We wiped a lot on Garaj’al because of gear issues, but the other 3 bosses were easy as hell. I am getting some serious gear for my hunter, I’m server first at the moment (constantly competing with my hunter friend).

Leading raids in my new guild is kinda hard while I need to maintain the rotation and stand out of the fire, but it is somewhat bearable :)

I bought the Darkmoon Trinket today, and it is awesome, period. It is better than any trinket ingame until itemlevel 509. It’s ridiculous that they made a 476 trinket this OP.


Cataclysmic weather

The weather’s like the inside of a volcano right here, more than 50 degrees outside…

The fans of the computer(s) do not help the temperature either. Anyways, I have started to sort out my fraps clips, because I decided to start making that PvP movie before Pandaria hits. I have a 2TB HDD swarmed with clips, so there is plenty of stuff to choose from. I really enjoyed re-watching the scenes where I do some airborne kills in Durotar :).

Some of my friends came back to WoW, so that’s a reason to play more actively, as we clear everything on a single raid nowadays. This means that I’m playing on wednesdays if I’m available, then I just mingle around aimlessly in OG, or rush around less aimlessly in WSG.

I’ll also update the Diablo DH guide to match the post-nerf stance of the class.

Stay tuned!

World First! Not.

We have finally managed to get Madness HC down. This took around two wipe-nights, since Spine was the real deal (we got it down before the nerf, thankfully). Anyways, we are happy to start Glory of the Raider, although that dagger and axe won’t help an awful lot :)

Also, awesome music for you (this is what I listened to during the kill, so it might help :D):


What to do now?

Besides progressing, I mean… Yeah, we are still struggling with Rag25HC, but that is the case if you change half of the guild roster every week… I must mention about hunter applicants by now. I got used to being the only hunter in a guild for around 3 years now, but some months ago, hunters started to apply to my guild like hell. Around 20% of them were worthwhile and that made me thinking. It is a common stereotype that the hunter class has the most people who are mentally defocused (Oh boy, how nicely I said “retard”). And sadly, this stereotype seems to be based on reality. This may even enforce me to write a longer post about how they should apply to a guild or hell, even about what to do in a bossfight.

Jumping back to the original topic. What to do before the patch? Well, as I promised, I started leveling my alts now, I have 6 85s at the moment, I’m leveling my priest what’s currently 78. My warrior and mage is at 61/65. I just finished gearing up my rogue, and ganking is so much fun with it, just like old times at good old Freelancer in 2005 ^^.
Besides leveling (which I hate so much), I do oldschool instances for helping friends, and to get those missing items for my oldschool gear. As I wrote here already, I am a hardcore packrat. Still I miss a very few items, since I was unlucky back then, so I could not get the T2 shoulders, the T6 boots or the T4 shoulders.

Besides those, I am proud to say that I have the following sets on my hunter:

Full T1, 7/8 T2, some T3, 4/5 T4, Full T5, 7/8 T6, Full T7-T12, 7/8 D1, Full ZG set, Full Priest D1, Full S2

Also my rogue has 8/8 Bloodfang and 6/8 D2 and T1. Damn, they removed the D1 upgrade chain 1 day before I could complete the quest…
So this is what I’m doing at the moment… leveling and getting the gearz. I must get bigger backpacks though, my bank is already full of that stuff :).

Dungeons & Raids

Shado-pan Monastery

  • Located in Kun-Lai Summit
  • Mountain retreat of the mysterious Shado-pan Clan
  • The Shado-pan protect Pandaria from hidden evil
  • The Sha have escaped! (Shado pan keep Sha caged in the monastery, but it’s escaped and you’re trying to help figure this out)
  • A great idea for layout..Changes into something more epic!
  • Like to do outdoor dungeons because there are so many indoor already. They jump at opportunity to make outdoor.

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So, the new patch came, and I like it a lot! Though it brought many sources of frustration, like previous post says. Also, we have killed 2 bosses in 25-man Firelands, Shannox and Beth’tilac. I tell you, Shannox’s patrolling is the most annoying thing to wait for.

Also, I farmed trash inside out, and I have yet to see a single drop from it. I am 4k/12k honored…

The new zone is awesome, somewhere to PVP finally :)