Winlords of Draenor… or Laglords of Delaynor?

Well, here I am after the huge grind to level 100, including getting the full Heroic gear for Megapull, and I have to say, that despite all the

  • Huge lag
  • Immense 5k+ queues
  • Random instance kicks when boss is at 1%
  • Garrison fails

this is a friggin’ awesome expansion! Let me tell you the quick summary of how I dealt with the challenges of Draenor so far, so I can expand a bit on my experiences about the new expansion of WoW…

It all began with the preparation. I wanted to ding 100 among the very first, so I prepared well.


Since I kind of stopped playing after the first tier of Pandaria, it was a bit hard to get back in the game. I did my best though, geared up from LFR as much as I could, although the 4-setbonus was something I could not accomplish in 2 months (!) since no matter how many Warforged Seals I used, those damn pieces did not want to drop. I hated Pandaria more and more with every lootless raid…

Anyways, I grabbed the heirloom bow and the wait for midnight began. As you can see on the pic above, I gathered quite some supplies, and a guide was prepared so I had everything set for the launch. When the Dark Portal opened, I was the very first among my friends to enter…since they could not even zone in to the Blasted Lands due to the HUGE lag and server overload. Did I mention Ragnaros EU? Oh my god.

But I did not experience any of this as I dinged lvl 91 in the Tanaan Jungle, and boy, the quest line was awesome as hell. Then… it went reversed as I got DCed only to get the dreaded error #105 upon login while my friends happily started playing.

So yeah, I pretty much tried everything to get in, but at around 5 AM, I had to give up so I went to sleep.

The cool setup we wasted :/

The cool setup we wasted :/ Also, yes, we did not really clean up before.

I don’t want to describe the horrendous server status that described Ragnaros during the next week, so I’m gonna skip ahead to the day where I dinged lvl 100 after a really awesome series of quests.

I must say that Blizzard did a splendid job on quest design here, I really hate leveling, but the road to lvl 100 flew away like an afternoon powernap. The zones were beautifully designed and the quests were very entertaining. It was strange that the whole deal from 90 to 100 took less than 8 hours in total, compared to my 14 hour grind in Pandaria to get the realm first achievement, but I felt that it is OK to have it this way.

It is now that I must note that I am writing this while raiding the new Molten Core. Yes, AFKing is a sin and no one hates it more than me… but when you get kicked before the last boss since the instance server decided to take a rest – I just don’t care anymore.


I really loved the new HC instances, and I have already done the first chapter of the legendary ring quest, too. I am now decked out in full HC gear or better, and I feel really confident in keeping up the pace. The DPS feels awesome, but more on that later.

Of course, the garrison is a very nice touch to the game, albeit a huuuuuuuuuuuuge timesink. Damn you Blizzard, another drug! Also, I got super unlucky (as usual) with my followers, so I am leveling a Scavenger one from scratch at the moment so I can gather resources faster.

It is also funny how we had this whole garrison idea at Van Helsing II before in the game’s Resistance Management feature – we made quite some jokes about them stealing the idea from us :D (which is obviusly just for the lolz, since the idea was already there in Neverwinter Nights, if I am correct).

I have joined a guild with my friends, and started to gather more people so we can begin Mythic raiding ASAP. Let’s hope we won’t fail in our efforts!

Next up: Hunter DPS and PvE!


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