Back to business

I guess that this is my hundredth post with a similar title, but hey, I have been super busy with school, work and all… bah, I have got no excuses anyway. Anyways, I got my BA degree and now I’m onto my MA, and while I’m doing this, I will be working on Deathtrap, Van Helsing III and 2 of our super secret other projects as well – plenty of work if you ask me. But, as most of you should know, Warlords of Draenor was announced, and it will release on November 13, and this is something that rises above all these tasks I listed above – WoW is love, WoW is life! Just kidding, of course :) .


Still, me and my friends have already decided to come back to WoW for this glorious event, and what’s more – I will try going for Realm First once again. Although I have succeeded in Pandaria, now my task will be a lot harder as I am on a high pop server, and I have sort of crap gear as I haven’t raided much in Pandaria endgame. This is why I am going to start playing 1 month beforehand and gear myself up as well as I can so I can stack up on flasks, potions and other goodies once again and jump into the race for level 100.

In my opinion, the new expansion will be exciting as hell, and I got reinforced in this especially after I have watched the Blizzard Gamescom livestream. The dev team talked about changes that bring back the old-school nature of WoW… yeah, yeah, I know that it will never ever be like Vanilla, and it will still be a lot more casual-friendly,  but what the hell.

Nowadays I don’t really feel like playing once again, but nevertheless I will renew my subscription soon – you know, a real WoW player comes back at least for expansions ;)

On a totally different note, I should check out the DIII expansion as well, but damn it, there is only 24 hours in a day :/

See you in Draenor!


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