The features of Van Helsing II

I have made another trailer for Van Helsing II where our amazing voice actor talks about the new features of the game. Trust me, there will be plenty!

I think that these features will really set the game apart from the general ARPGs, as I have never seen anything like Resistance Management in such a game before, for example.

And there will be truckloads of more features:

  • The Chimera, a pet that can not only be summoned in combat, but it resides in the Lair and you can send it on hunting missions where it gains XP and collect loot for you
  • Lots of cool tower defense maps (Don’t worry, you can skip ’em if you want to)
  • New journal with loads of lore and unique, beautiful artworks
  • Runecrafting, where you can “disenchant” (sorry for the WoW terminology… I mean dismantle) items and create/boost items
  • Artifact forging
  • Enchanting, where you can name your items, transmorph your items, and reroll certain enchants among other things
  • Alchemy
  • You can get trophies and put them on a trophy desk to gain cool bonuses

So, I’m pretty excited for the release on May 22, although the release rush on the forums and what not is not something we want to approach sooner ;) But well, it’s a part of the job!

You can pre-order the game at


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