Incompetent gamers and their hate against devs

Oh man do I fear the consequences of this post – it is like poking a beehive with a stick. Nevertheless,  I’m still going to write this because I have to get this great load off my mind. As most of you might know, I am working for NeocoreGames since last May as community manager, video editor, and as a game tester. As I always do, I try to do my best at this job, similar to what I did during my WoW career ;) . So far I put several hundred hours into our latest game, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, not only because it is a great game to play with, but also to be able to answer all questions of the community.

And now there is this guy. He is quite infamous of his Youtube channel (MPC4Utube), where he posts videos about “bad” games. In reality, he shows his own lack of knowledge about games in these videos, generating numerous video replies ridiculing this fact:

He is also well known for his abusive behaviour on forums, which caused him to be banned from almost every possible gaming community on the planet. As I am a Steam moderator on Van Helsing’s official page, I can prove this quite easily:


Needless to say, his username is tx3000 (before he starts returning with different aliases after getting banned). Now the other players whose name I edited out because I do not want to offend them were reported by tx3000 as well. Quite pathetic, isn’t it? Now for the bans (because obviously he’s been banned for this behaviour): he accuses me (who posts under the alias Megapull_Neocore on forums) of banning him when he posts useful information. Here is the ban list of our Steam forum, it is kind of sad and happy at the same time as at least we have only one guy to deal with and the community is very helpful and kind otherwise – kudos to you guys out there for making a great group of gamers (alliteration, yay)!


Now who banned him for all these instances? I think I haven’t banned him a single time, only deleted his swearing posts, but let’s see some proof:


So having this set straight, why am I writing this post? Apparently, this man has set NeocoreGames and along with it, me as his primary target for his baseless, false accusations. He posts videos about our staff being (and I’m quoting here) “idiots” and describes us with other, not so kind words. Why is this? Obviously, his feelings could have been hurt when he got banned from the forums, but this is not the main reason he keeps posting these hateful videos. What I think the reason is is that whenever he is unable to progress in a game or find out a certain mechanic, he thinks it is the game’s fault – see the Dark Souls video above.

His channel’s comment wall shows us the common reaction to his videos:

“OH MY F***G GOD!!!!!! I can’t stop LAUGHING seeing your AC4 MP cheaters video.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are such a BIGGEST NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB”

“How do you even function?”

“Either you’re a troll or just a f***ing idiot :)”

“my word: u cannot play this game, and u think u are a pro gamer who can”

“l2p :P”

“Use your brain, you sh*thead”

… and this goes on and on forever. Not really a serious source of information, right?

In his latest video, he personally accuses me of being incompetent in my job, because… he saw me playing the game on the easiest difficulty setting. While linking the two is ridiculous in itself, therefore it does not really need any explanation, let me still do it. Imagine that you have to check a bug that is far into the game and can only be triggered if you play the game from start to finish without using console commands to skip quests, etc. You need to rush through the game as fast as you need, and not just once, but at least three or four times. Now would you do this on the hardest setting or the easiest? While it was funny for me to see this video where I’m called names and all for such insanely ridiculous reasons, this has a serious side as the guy is bashing the company for no reason, which is an illegal thing to do on YouTube. Needless to say, we started to take the appropriate actions.

Also, we were streaming the game in Neverending Story mode on Casual difficulty, which gets very hard at the end. But still, it was Casual for the obvious entertainment reasons – we don’t want to bore our viewers by making them watch us DPS a trash pack for 10 minutes.

Also, he spent countless hours playing Van Helsing, which is a good thing. What is not a good thing is that he kept posting on our forums about him being the best player in the world. This would be a totally OK thing to do, except there was one time when our lead programmer accidentally joined his game and saw that he cheated by editing his stats by abusing game mechanics or by simply editing config files. Cheating’s everyone’s own business, but bragging about it and denying the fact (he got removed from the official leaderboards for doing this) – not cool.

Why I posted this? Well, first of all no one likes to be accused of false and hateful things, and secondly, no one likes when their workplace is defamed by people who are incompetent of using their products.

Needless to say that this post goes out from me as a blogger, not as an employee, and I feel weird just because I had to write this sentence down, but – you never know.


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