Mixed feelings


As I mentioned it earlier, me and my friend are quite psyched about the upcoming WoW expansion. However, in the last couple weeks there were some changes that I feel quite unhappy about. The first of this was the announcement about paying for instant lvl 90 characters. I get it that after a while it is tedious to level up a character, and I know how annoying can it get. Still, I do not like that my favourite game is heading towards the microtransactional way. Leveling is a core element of any RPG, and it should not be overridden with a quick purchase.

On the more positive side, they made this announcement:

We are looking at reducing or completely removing baseline Resilience, but it’s a big change and requires other larger changes to go with it. Changes that big we tend to wait until an expansion (Warlords) to make – as well as a lot of testing and feedback from y’all during beta. We do have some changes with Season 15, but they won’t be a huge departure from where we’re already at, mainly tweaks to existing numbers.

Lore has made a couple posts on PvP Power/gear on the Arena forum so make sure you read these too:


And this is awesome! Once more we can oneshot blue geared, freshly dinged people and cause much frustration in the long-dead outdoor PvP! Yeah, it’s the little things in life that make you happy…

Jumping back to the negative side, it seems that WoD won’t have a boxed release, it will only be available for online purchase. This does not bother me all that much, but I’d miss those well-designed boxes full of artworks.

But despite all this, I am sure that WoW will never be a bad game, even with Ghostcrawler leaving ;) On the serious side, I don’t get why everyone was so happy about him leaving and starting to work for Riot. The well-known faces of Blizzard leaving the company is never good to see – for me at least. All in all, I think I’ll have another swing at the game in a couple weeks and see what it has to offer for me.


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