The Chimera in Van Helsing II

Yeah, I have been slacking with the blog posts big time during the past months… The reasons are that I had insanely much stuff to do recently, and my personal life wasn’t too lifting either. Combining the exam period with the rush that began towards the release of Van Helsing II while accepting an internship at a local newspaper – does not leave you with an abundance of free time.

Nevertheless, here is my latest work, a “techvideo” that introduces the latest additional feature of Van Helsing II, the Lair Beast, better known as the Chimera. I put the term “techvideo” in quotes since this is really not a tech video although it started out as one. I have recorded the model from our editor, then I recorded the wireframes as well with green screen and combined the two with some masking & chroma keying. I used Vegas (as usual) and Adobe AE for this, and boy it looked awesome. Nevertheless we have scrapped this version since some viewers could think that wireframes are a graphic bug or something. Therefore the final version was just a showcase of the model in action in combination with some gameplay elements.


Recording the gameplay was fun since we had to edit the config files for the monsters to work and I removed some annoying skills from their ability list so they will look nice in the video :) Also, this vid features our new logo animation for the game, and I think that we have nailed it.

Here is the official video and the previous version with a bonus scene and some added wireframes – note that the music is a placeholder and there are several sounds missing from that one as I get the sound mixed only for the final release of a video :)



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