Three years down the road

tortaIt’s been three years since I wrote my first post on this blog. Many things have changed since then, but for some mysterious reason I am still writing posts, and that’s what matters…right?

World of Warcraft came and went on (I think it will come back though… ;), and now I’m working with forums and videos about Van Helsing. In fact, I finished the last video during the past week, as we added another new class to our ARPG. The community is still growing and growing (we are past 254K likes on Facebook), and I am joining more and more gaming communities over time. The last one I joined was Raptr, which seemed kinda useless for me at first, but then the many cool things got me, and I recognized that it has a very useful side as well. Feel free to follow me there to get informed about interesting gaming-related stuff.

Also, we are still live streaming Van Helsing every Thursday, with an increasing success. However, last week there were some issues… Mr. Murphy’s spirit was lingering in the office during the entire stream. Before going live, we played for more than a hour and everything went perfect. But the moment I hit the “STREAM” button, everything went wrong on the client side. Thankfully, we could still deal with the issues and continue the stream, but it wasn’t a stress relief at all :/

I’ll end this post with the trailer I made last week, and a link to one of our live streams, where you can get a better insight on our game :)


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