DLC release soon + other video

2013-09-24 12.56.51

Tank, I need an exit… Fast!

This is one of the rare moments when a Domovoy could steal my seat after I installed a fun screensaver on both of my work PCs. I just finished the beginning and the end of the new video about the Thaumaturge class DLC that will be released this Thursday on Steam. Why am I leaving out the middle? Well, I’m waiting for the sound file from our voice actor, who will talk about some of the nifty things that a Thaumaturge can do. Without it, I can only guess what will happen in the video, so all I can do is record some scenes and hope for the best ;). I must state though that I wrote the draft of the script already, so I have some idea about the happenings in the future video.

Another awesome thing is that I get the music composed on request. Yesterday I told that I need an 1:40 long piece with a faster part at the ending and some rhythm for the logos, and today it got delivered. Stuff like this will really make my work easier, as I edited the music of the previous video and as I’m not an audio editing expert, it was a baseball bat to the nuts.

Anyways, let’s hope for the best (i.e. I’ll be ready with the new video by Thursday afternoon), and keep on recording :)

By the way, you can win a free copy of the DLC, just follow the instructions here :)


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