Stream done!

So, the first stream was done last week succesfully, with only one minor mishap which was my mic screwing things up at the start. However, after we tackled that problem, it went on fine. This was still a “beta version” stream though as we only had one webcam to work with and the stream was not announced via social media.

You can find last week’s stream here (I’m the guy closer to the camera):


Another thing to mention is that I’m working hard on a video for Van Helsing. I’m actually stressed about it a little, but I came up with some ideas recently and I will do my best to compose an awesome clip. Hopefully it will impress the others, too :) I have already made a video but honestly, it was pretty bad. If i give it a second thought, the idea was OK but the rest was not, so tomorrow it’s my chance to fix that.

On the happier side, my earphones went crap last week. How is that happy? Well, I bought Razer Hammerhead earphones to cheer myself up a little, and they are quite badass. The bass is heavy and the tones are crisp and clear. +1 for Razer!



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