Moved in to the new office – kickstart!

So, we have just moved in to our new offices at NeocoreGames, and man, it is awesome.

Here is my gaming work rig at the moment (decorations and cable arrangement is still temporary as there is some work to do):


The left one is the Beast with a dual GTX590, and the Alienware laptop is called the Monster… guess why. What I will do on these computers? Mostly videos about our games, so I’ll be sharing quite a lot of entertaining stuff with you hopefully.

So, work has really started, and with it, this blog starts as well again. I’ll continue with updates about our fresh games and the ones in development, so stay tuned!

The first announcement is that within the company, we have decided to run weekly streams of our games, mainly The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. The streams will be done by me and my co-worker, Valkyrie. The time is still something to be decided upon, but most likely the streams will be held at

Thursdays, from 10AM Pacific Time, (8PM CET)

The link to our Twitch channel is

Should any updates come, I’ll add them to this post (or a new one if they are more important).


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