Announcement :P

Hello everyone,

I have reached 100K views on my youtube channel recently, and parallel to this, I have got an opportunity to continue working for Neocore Games as a game tester, and I’ll also have to make videos and reviews for them hopefully. Without further ado, here is my announement about this:

So this means that I’ll have some great stuff to work on, and I can resurrect this blog hopefully from its ashes.

On the sidenote, I made another video today, because I got in a nostalgic mood towards WoW… I have never been closer to the dangerzone (e.g. subscribing again) than today. Don’t forget, the last time I was online was in last October :P So anyhow, here is me getting Thunderfury with my rogue, and killing a poor mage in the process. I always admired those who could get this awesome weapon back in vanilla, as it could literally took years. Well, getting the damn bindings took a year to me as well (you can read about how I got it with my hunter here and here), so it is still hard to get it :p


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