Van Helsing released!

So, I am a bit overwhelmed by the forum posts as I had to hold the line against a gazillion of questions last night until 6AM, but I have to admit that it is fun. I made at least a couple hundred comments on both the Steam Forums and the official NeoCore Games forums, and when you see that the users are satisfied with your quick answers, it really gives you a good feeling :)

I just finished the game for the first time, and it is really awesome. I like the amount of hidden stuff in it, there are tons of easter eggs, so those players who dig such things will guaranteedly enjoy the game.


The dev team is working hard at this very moment as well on some issues, but our efforts are paying off, the game looks kinda succesful at the moment! :)

Home, sweet home.

Home, sweet home.

Be sure to check the game out on Steam, you can buy it for a whopping 15 bucks ;) Also, mind the crappy graphics on the screenshots, I am playing on an old computer, everything is set to Medium or below :C



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