Megapull for sale =(

If you go “WTF???” on reading the title, please read the post below :)

TLDR: I quit playing WoW, and I am selling my account at the moment.


Account contains WoW-Pandaria, Diablo 3, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LoD.

I’m the first owner of this account, therefore you’ll get the following data:

  • Vanilla-BC-LK-Cata-Mop-Diablo 3 CD key
  • An empty e-mail account
  • Passwords
  • Secret question/answer
  • Authenticator serial
  • Valid ID copy

Diablo 2/3.Yes, you’ll get a Diablo 3 account with this as well, along with an original Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 expansion.

The Diablo 3 account contains a Demon Hunter main: 210K DPS, loads of recipes, can cut nearly all gems, very good geared for farming Inferno with 3 MP. There are some 20-30 alts on the account as well.

World of Warcraft

Gold: Around 60k. May not seem much, but see below.

Professions: All of them are maxed out on several chars, except for LW, BS and Inscription, they’re around 200.


Nearly all rare mounts.

  • Deathcharger
  • Karazhan mount
  • Raven Lord
  • MGT Turkey
  • Time-Lost protodrake
  • ICC25 Drake
  • Both Deathwing drakes
  • 2-seat mammoth
  • Uldum Camel
  • White Polar Bear
  • Aeonaxx
  • All brewfest mounts
  • And many more I can’t remember. BG mounts, albino drake, red quiraji crystal, etc.

Achievements: Tons of tons of achies, Realm first lvl 90 and like 30 exclusive PvE titles. Loads of Feat of Strength achievements. This account is old school at its finest :)

Extras: All banks are full of stuff deleted from ingame, legacy items, full tier sets, etc. See character data.

Guild Bank: A character is a GM of a guild with 6 tabs of bank.

Every piece of heirloom items are bought, some of them 2-3 times. (Except for fishing ring.)

Main character is hunter.
Name: Megapull
Server: Al’Akir.

180 days played, always been in semi-HC guilds or better. -> All achies are representing this. Loved this char, I was using the same pet for 6 years, etc. I’m telling this so you can easily imagine the stuff gathered, etc.

I was never a casual player.

ilvl 486 PvE gear
2k Arena rating

Full sets for transmog: T1-2-someof3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13, AQ Set, Dungeon 1 set, AQ Set 2, ZG Set, Season 2 set, and lots of other pvp gear.
Legacy Weapons for transmog: Rhokdelar/Lokdelar, and 20-30 other bows from various contents. Bank full of Transmog 2H weapons. Thunderfury.

All rare pets ingame are tamed.

Main alt: Maedwe
Druid @ Al’Akir
lvl 90
ilvl 470 ish

Mainly farm character, Mining/Herba. Full T1 and PvP sets. Decent Balance/Resto gear.

Other characters:

  • Lvl 85 Shaman (Megaburst)
  • Rogue(Hallenbeck)
  • Priest(Rhökk)
  • Warrior(Vöff)
  • Lock(Imbaleetpro)
  • DK(Epixepíxepix)
  • Hunter(Mégapull).

These are on the Bloodscalp EU server.

All characters are horde except for the 85 hunter. All 85 chars are full LFR geared or better.

Extras on them:

Rogue has Thunderfury, Full Bloodfang, D2 set (removed from ingame), all vanilla weapons, achievements etc.
Tons of transmog gear on others as well: Shaman has 2k arena rating, full t6 set, and many other gear. DK has a guild bank full of exclusive stuff.

So, grand total:
Diablo 3 account + Demon Hunter
MoP account from first owner, 2×90, 8×85 (Plus a bunch of 20-40 alts on various realms).
Diablo 2 account with expansion.

The account I’m selling is the very same one I wrote all my guides, stories, etc about during the past two years of the blog. Consequence: Megapull is a recognized, well known name on quite a few servers, and it maintains a positive reputation :)

I just threw this together quickly, so any questions are appreciated.

PRICE is up to you, feel free to throw offers at me. Be reasonable :) Payment can be done with bank transfer or PayPal.

For more info, comment here, or mail me at vadmarha at hotmail dot com.


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