An end of an era

As you could see, the site was lacking posts the few last months. I did not post any explanation until now, because I thought that I can solve this “problem”.

The thing is that I can only play World of Warcraft if I am one of the top-notch players at least on the server. Sadly, I simply became too busy to keep up this level of playing anymore, therefore I stopped playing World of Warcraft. I have not logged in more than a month ago, and although I miss my account terribly, I do not miss playing WoW. I had an amazing time during these seven years, and although I’ll probably come back someday, right now I feel that this won’t happen.

Being busy is just one reason to stop, although it is the main one. An other reason is that the playerbase and the game changed slowly over time. This is something I never thought to be able to affect my attitude towards the game. Maybe it didn’t, I’m just making up excuses… The game is still good, but in an other way. I miss the feeling you got when you ran into Orgrimmar in full Tier 2, if you remember that thing.

I hope I contributed well to the WoW scene with my guides, videos and blog posts, and I am happy to see people getting help from me. I would like to thank everyone for that.

I loved editing movies and writing posts, and oh, the lowbie gankfests in Duskwood… I will truly miss this part of my life, and this is why I will keep up the blog. I haven’t figured out how I’m actually going to do that, but I am sure about this decision. Also, I’ll write a longer lookback posts to sum up all my adventures in World of Warcraft, or maybe write interesting stories from the game that happened to me and my friends.

Until then, remain an awesome community and keep WoW on the top of the MMO throne for many more years ;)



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