Hunter quickstart guide

Pandas are here, hunters are 90 now, and here’s how to kick some butt in the form of a short guide about gearing, talents, speccing, reforging and rotations.


  • Gear
  • Talents & Specializations
  • Stats
  • Gems & Enchants
  • Glyphs
  • Rotation


I am not going to go in detail about what gear you should get, just open your dungeon journal and do heroics until you are full itemlevel 463. There are some quite good pieces though which you should pay attention to.

Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm – Or, the unholy mother of unluck as I call this bastard. This is an epic bow from Gate of the Setting Sun, with a sad, sad drop rate. I’ve been there a million times and still, I’m stuck with a blue bow. It drops from the end boss with an “Extremely Low” chance as the armory says, so I’d guess 1%. It is itemlevel 476. You should start your day with this instance first, because many other loots drop from there as well, and the dungeon finder can still get you in there after you got locked.

Coren’s Cold Chromium Coaster – Semi-epix itemlevel 470 trinket from Brewfest. You can go there over and over again, so get this fast to gain an easy itemlevel boost (No requirements!).

Deadly Retinal Armor – Engineering helmet of awesomeness. If you can afford (Or if you are an alchemist), get this baby ASAP, it is an itemlevel 476 helmet with two cogwheel sockets!

The rest are just blues from heroics, and epics from world bosses. Yeah, I got tier gloves from Sha of Anger. Note that by completing daily quests, you can earn Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. By turning 90 of these in per week, you get Greater Charms, which you can use to take another shot at the loot table. For example, you can kill Sha of Anger and Galleon infinite times per week, but you can loot them once. However, if you use these charms on any kill, even if you looted it before, you get a chance to gain loot again. I got my gloves this way!

Talents & Specializations

Once you got to level 90, you may wonder – which talents should I use? The answer is pretty simple:

Solo Questing – BM
PvP – BM
PvE – BM :D

Why’s that? ( With BM, you get huge burst, selfhealing, and basically that is all what you need for questing or PvP. It is a very good spec for PvE as well. All other specs are behind BM in dps at the moment.

Talent choices are pretty obvious in each specialization.

With BM solo, you should take:

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera (Obvious)
  • Binding Shot (For packs and/or pvp. You do not need silence as you can interrupt mobs with Scatter or intimidate.)
  • Spirit Bond (Heal per minute is much larger than Exhilaration, and it makes up for the additional damage that you get without Iron Hawk.)
  • Fervor (Burst, burst, burst)
  • Blink Strike (Burst, and better pet mobility, not to mention pvp)
  • Powershot (Burst)

You can just get in stealth, put your pet in stealth (20% damage increase)  and wind up a deadly BW+Trinket+Racial+PetCD Powershot-Blink Strike-Kill Command combo for around 250k+110k+100k damage. I sometimes oneshot people in low gear…

For PvE purposes, you should choose the following talents:

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
  • Silencing Shot
  • Aspect of  the Iron Hawk (To help out healers and be able to survive boss abilities)
  • Dire Beast (Better DPS)
  • Lynx Rush (Better DPS)
  • Glaive Toss (Better DPS, also awesome for trashpacks)

These are the most commonly used talents, and these talents will make you able to dish out the most damage in a PvE environment.


These are pretty straightforward as well.

You need Agility (Who would’ve guessed?) as the main priority stat. After that, you can start to work on your hit and expertise caps. You’ll need 7.5% from each to make your aim perfect. This means 2550 rating for each stat. It will be hard to achieve at first, but in later gear, you can make it easily.

The rest is somewhat more complicated.

Beast Mastery

You want to favor Mastery and Crit. It’s hard to decide which one is the best, but I’d go with Mastery. The key is to have Mastery+Crit items, and you’ll be saved from lots of trouble. You’ll need Haste as well, but at first you’re gonna reforge it to Hit and Expertise anyways. Still, in later tiers, Haste will be stuck at the third place for BM.

Gems & Enchants

You should use the following gems:

Meta: Agile Primal Diamond (+216 Agility and +3% Crit Damage)
Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby (+160 Agility)
Yellow: Deadly Vermillion Onyx (80 Agility; 160 Crit) or Deft Vermillion Onyx (80 Agility; 160 Haste)
Blue: Glinting Imperial Amethyst (80 Agility; 160 Hit)

Enchants: (Shamelessly stolen from Elitist Jerks)

Shoulders: Greater Tiger Claw Inscription (200 Agility and 100 Crit)
Back: Accuracy (180 Hit) or Superior Critical Strike (180 Crit)
Chest: Glorious Stats (80 All Stats)
Wrists: Greater Agility (170 Agility). This is a reputation based enchant, so it is pretty rare at the moment.
Gloves: Superior Mastery/Expertise/Haste (180 stat)
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle
Legs: Shadowleather Leg Armor (285 Agility and 165 Crit). This is a rep based enchant as well!
Boots: Blurred Speed (140 Agility + Run Speed)
Weapon: Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom (1800 Agility proc)


On the minor glyph front, you should choose Stampede, Fetch and Revive pet. Looting with your pet is awesome when questing, and with Stampede you avoid summoning your tank pets.

If you want to go solo, you should have Camouflage, Animal Bond and Disengage. Stealth is very handy at every front, Animal Bond increases Spirit Bond healing by a lot, and with Disengage you can travel miles with a 10 second CD.

In a PvE environment however, you should choose Marked for Death to save a global cooldown, and either Deterrence for some extra damage reducement from dots or Mirrored Blades for extra damage. If your pet dies often (which shouldn’t happen), you can have Mending as well if you want. As you see, most of the glyphs do not increase your DPS, so it is up to you (and your raid) to decide which utility ability you need.

The No Escape glyph may seem awesome with its 20% crit boost, but it does not work on bosses, and you do not want to waste a slot on a trashpack only glyph. However, you may consider it when going solo.


The time of DPS rotations has passed many years ago. We only have priorities, so I’m not going into writing lists, because I assume everyone knows that Arcane Shot is below Chimera, etc.

I’d share a few tips though.

  • Stampede is affected by haste, so use it after you gained some haste buffs.
  • Use Readiness only when you popped every CD which it resets.

The rest is quite obvious, I hope that I helped.

Have fun Huntering!


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