Fresh opinion

Mists of Pandaria is the best expansion since BC so far. At least to me, it is clear that this expansion brought (back) changes that are lifting up the gameplay heavily. The new heroics are nowhere as tedious as Cataclysm HCs were, but they are still challenging. The raid bosses? So far, only the world bosses were enabled, but hell, I did not party this good since Kazzak.

The reputation grinds may seem hardcoreish, and the same applies to the new Mote system for example (which are soulbound). Why is that good? These stuff have an impact on economy, therefore everything. Content will last longer, and of course we have to spend more time with the actual game instead of afking around. The lore of the game is even better than before, and although I still don’t get how the hell did pandas manage to get in to the WoW, we get so much interactive storytelling, cinematics (In places where they are NOT annoying, see Cataclysm) and quests. Heck, we get a friggin’ Dragonball mount if we check out some lore items!

The only backside (if I have to find one) is the talent system. I think it’s awesome, but there was nothing wrong with the old talent trees. I can’t wait to begin some awesome raiding tomorrow. (Not to mention instant gladiator with double BM because we are redonkulously overpowered.)


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