This is an exceptional moment, because for the first time ever after a gaming marathon, I thought about blogging right before my mind turned towards sleeping. I dinged 90 after 18 hours of playing. There were multiple fails which made this time interval so big, such as the instance server crashing, forgetting to use guild banner until lvl 87, bugged bosses, or just simply getting stuck at a bad leveling zone.

However, I managed to get the realm first hunter achievement, and I finished in the top 25 overall (approximately). My friend was ahead of me with his hunter, but he had to leave, sadly (Honorary realm first rank goes out to him).

Towards the end it hit us: once again, this was an AV weekend expansion which makes you able to score retardedly high XP amounts under 5 minute Vanndar/Drek zerg runs (e.g. 2 million XP per win, 600k per loss).

Anyways, as I saw most of the stuff in beta, there was nothing really new for me. I liked the look of the new zones, but Silithus 2.0 just bugs me out (sorry for the bad pun, I’m awake since 40 hours).

More to come, but I need to accumulate some IRL rested first :P

Updated with video :P


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