New realm, new challenges?

Sorry for the horrendous update rate I’m having this summer, but I had to travel a lot these days so I could not play which is kind of the fuel for my posts.

Anyways, my guild leader announced that he won’t be raiding in MoP, so I’m probably taking my chances at the Hungarian topguild, Game Is Not Over (If I get accepted, of course). This means that I have to transfer over to Ragnaros, and change my faction.


Anyways, I’d be happy to do that, since Ragnaros is a very living realm, and the guild I’m applying to is really good. I gathered the cost of the transfer and faction change in Diablo 3 quickly,  so I’m kinda prepared for this. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “New realm, new challenges?

  1. Good luck! Being at the cutting edge is quite exciting, and I hope it will bring you many opportunities. Quite funny that one of the top Alliance guilds on my realm is named the opposite, Game Over.


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