Preparing for Pandaria

We already planned the IRL part of the launch with my friend: I’ll move to his place for the first two days :D No-life nerdrage ensued. On the ingame part though, I’m not quite sure about a few things. I played the beta to learn how to get ahead of others, but I still don’t have a plan, it’s just a pile of tricks and ideas in my head. However, here are the things what I’m certain about:

  • Get some empty backpack space (Trust me, it will be a hard task to accomplish)
  • Stockpile tons of potions, flasks and raid food for faster leveling
  • Preload 25 complete quests (Where?)
  • Make a pre-defined questing route
  • Buy every glyph before the expansion hits

These are the things that came into my mind for starters.

On the Diablo front, we’ve made a lot of gold by crafting The Helm of Command. If you want to earn some huge profit, just add us, Zanti#2326 or Megapull#1880. I do gem and other gear business while my friend crafts the helmets. Check forums for more information and feedback.


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