Cataclysmic weather

The weather’s like the inside of a volcano right here, more than 50 degrees outside…

The fans of the computer(s) do not help the temperature either. Anyways, I have started to sort out my fraps clips, because I decided to start making that PvP movie before Pandaria hits. I have a 2TB HDD swarmed with clips, so there is plenty of stuff to choose from. I really enjoyed re-watching the scenes where I do some airborne kills in Durotar :).

Some of my friends came back to WoW, so that’s a reason to play more actively, as we clear everything on a single raid nowadays. This means that I’m playing on wednesdays if I’m available, then I just mingle around aimlessly in OG, or rush around less aimlessly in WSG.

I’ll also update the Diablo DH guide to match the post-nerf stance of the class.

Stay tuned!


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