Finally, I am back full time!

As the title said, I am finally back from a long hiatus, which was only partly caused by Diablo III. The major issue was the exam period (which was hard, mostly because Diablo III :D).

Now, I am back with the regular updates and stuff. My demon hunter got stuck at inferno act 2 because of the reasons above. No problem though, it’s in full legendary / set gear, so I’m going to continue the ownage.

WoW wise, there is not much going on, we are farming DS HC as everyone else. However, on the MoP news…

World PvP changes (The real deal, I am looking forward to see these changes, I think that this will be the best change in MoP)

  • It’s also worth noting that the Black Market Auction House has the potential to become a world PvP location for those on PvP realms. Just like the name implies, these are goods being sold out in shady locations away from the prying eyes of guards in the cities. They are not in neutral or safe zones. 
  • So, we are planning to adjust the guards only on PvP realms to where they aren’t quite as strong as you’d find them on a PvE realm, and they won’t respawn quite as quickly either. 


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