Back from the break

As you may have seen, I was a bit slowpoke on the hunter changes. That’s because I took a break, under which I farmed some gold and did some 2v2 mostly. I had an average income of 10k /day, which is pretty neat. I used the JC shuffle method:

  • Prospect ore
  • Transmute Carnelians to Inferno Rubies
  • Make other gems into greens
  • Disenchant greens
  • Cut Rubies into Agility gems
  • Make enchants
  • Profit

On the PvE front the news are not so great. My guild is struggling with recruitment as the server is very bad at this aspect. Anyways, I got the 410 Crossbow to accompany the HC staff, which looks pretty neat even in the PvE or the meanwhile maxed out PvP gear.

And I simply can not wait for D3 and MoP. Must say though that I am much, much more interested in the new expansion than the Diablo sequel.


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