My User Interface

I decided to share my UI with you, since a lot of people were asking about it in video comments and ingame chat.

Here it is:

/Click for bigger view/

If you need the details and the links, just click the link below!

The core of the UI is the Cohesion’ UI, which is a modificated version of TukUI. You can find it here. However, the cast bars and the unit frames are disabled from the UI, so are the buff displays. Cohesion’ UI is set to auto scaling, and the rest of the options are pretty much straightforward.

The replacement unitframes are a version of Shadowed Unit Frames. The texture is set to Striped, and the font Skurri is added with a size of 11. Player frames and Target frames are placed at the bottom center (size is 68×200), while Pet and Pet target frame are placed at the left side.

Auras are only enabled for the target frame, and they are set to the right side. Target of target frames are enabled and placed above the target frames.

The cast bars are from the addon Quartz, and are set to the Skurri font as well. Placements are obvious from the pictures I think :).

The other use of Quartz is the debuff tracker at the top left corner. It is much easier to maintain your DoTs and debuffs if you use this addon. The feature is a bit “hidden” inside Quartz. Under the menu “Buff”, select the submenu “Target”, set the anchor to “Free”, then untick “Lock”. Now you can freely move the bars around. Set the icon position to left and the size to max, and you’re all set.

The damage font is a combination of an addon named xDamagefont, and the font “Batman Forever” from (Personally I’d never think about Batman when I see this font, but meh). I liked this one the most since it is large and clear enough while it’s looking awesome. Feel free to experiment with the gazillion fonts available.


The other addons I use don’t require much description: I use OmniCC to manage cooldowns, OneBag to see my bags as a single bag (Bagnon is another choice but I did not like it), Prat to be able to modify the chat (Chat windows are set by Cohesion’ UI, right panel is for tradechat, loot, reputation and global channels.), GladiatorlosSA for PvP (A voice tells you what cooldowns did your target pop), and Tidyplates for nameplates, using the Grey/DPS theme.

I hope you will enjoy this UI if you’re going to try it out!


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