My Macros / Binds

This post may not be too interesting for you, but some may find them useful. Here are my PvE and PvP macroes and keybindings:

(Wall of text suppressed – click the link!)

Put someone into focus frame without deselecting your current target

/tar Boss
/tar arena partner
/tar main tank (feel free to add whoever you want)

Focus cast stuff (I mostly use Misdirection, Master’s Call and Spirit Mend with this option)
/cast [target=focus] Ability name

One button Aspect switch

/castsequence Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Fox (Feel free to add more, but Wild and Pack are safer to use separately, and we use them rarely)

DPS cooldown macro

#showtooltip Rapid Fire
/cast rapid fire
/cast blood fury
/cast Call of the wild
/cast readiness
You can add Berserking and trinkets here as well, just make sure that Readiness is at the end if you are Marksman. This allows you to press the macro twice at the beginning of the fight for example. (Press it, pewpew, wait until rapid fire is off, press it again, pewpew)

Ravage macro

If you need the 4% physical damage buff and you are using a ravager, this macro is for you, since Ravage tends to fall off the target if it is just on autocast.

/cast Cobra Shot (or Steady)
/cast Ravage

Roar of Sacrifice
/cast [target=your name] Roar of Sacrifice

Use item with an ability (I use Engineering glove enchant along with Explosive Shot, for example)
#showtooltip Explosive Shot (or any spell name)
/use Sporebeard Gauntlets (or any item name or slot, 10 is gloves)
/cast Explosive Shot (or any spell name)

Self Heal (BM only)
/cast [target=yourname] Spirit mend

Rare pet finder macro

/tar petname1
/tar petname2
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySound(“RaidWarning”)
/run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,”THERE HE IS !”, ChatTypeInfo[“RAID_WARNING”])

Bestial Wrath+CDs
/cast Bestial Wrath
/use 11 (top trinket)
/cast Call of the Wild
/cast Blood Fury
/use 10 (gloves enchant)

Plus, it is very useful to macro pet abilities and put them on your action bars so you can monitor the cooldowns of them, and you can bind them to buttons. I use this with Call of the Wild, Web Wrap, Heal, Roar of Sacrifice/Recovery etc. to get maximum use.

Key bindings:

It may not be obvious, Trap Launcher, Master’s Call and Deterrence are Shift + 1,2,3, respectively. 0 is NOT for steady shot, it is for Wing Clip.

  • F1 is parachute / PvP trinket
  • F2 is absorb belt enchant
  • F4 is for calling a specific pet
  • Shift-Q is heal reducement or Distract Shot
  • Shift-X is Healthstone or Trap Launcher on BM, where Shift-1 is self heal.
  • Y is Multi-Shot
  • V is Mend Pet
  • Shift-F1 is Revive Pet or Focus cast an ability
  • Shift-F is random PvP utility (Frost Grenade, Potion) or Misdirection.

Kind of old bindings, like Raptor Strike on 1 and Wing Clip on 0, but that’s how I got used to them :)


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