Long, sad post about Hunter bugs (and more)

I just posted this on the WoW forums, I’ll try to edit this to be in shape, plus I forgot a few bugs but my brain does not work atm, I’ll try to include ’em later.

Wall of text imminent!

I finally gathered all the will to try and write down those bugs what we all hate since around Vanilla. Yes, most of these bugs are with us since the beginning and I think I am safe to say that currently, our class has the most bugs in the game. (Rogue vanish bug was really bad, but it was way too famous to be honest. Moreover, I state this with having ten level 85 characters, with reasonable knowledge about all of them.)

Let’s start with the most annoying one: Pets having low stats when summoned.
We all know this one, right? We summon our companion and it not only has low HP, but every stat of the pet is very low (Try Mend Pet after summon, or open the Pet pane). I don’t think that I should explain why is this bad: Summon pet, mob adds, pet oneshotted. Rogue puts me in Cheap Shot, summon pet, pet oneshotted. Same thing can happen during a 25-man HC fight as well, and I could continue the list on and on.

Most of us know how this bug was tried to be fixed, but that just added another annoying thing to the list:
Pets not despawning when mounting up.
First of all, this is a rather lousy “fix”, it bleeds from many wounds:
– Pet still despawns when I’m on a flying mount (Although, thank God for that, but then again, Bug 1 still exists)
– Bug 1 still exists when I resurrect my pet
– Pet pulls everything while running between mobs. It would be OK, but it slows down if it gets in combat, and when it is too far from its master, then bang, here we go again: Pet is gone and I need to resummon it.

Another annoying thing, not particularly a hunter one: Pets have the AI of a mob. What do I mean with this one? Pets can’t jump for example, they go around instead. Dalaran / Blade’s Edge arena, anyone? Uber big ninjapulls, anyone? Not quite elegant.

Plus, pets have a separate combat stance. Have you ever tried to exit combat and then spam Camouflage? Your pet is standing next to you, still nothing happens, because the poor thing needs more time to exit combat.

Also, sometimes our pets get very unruly. What this means is sometimes they switch target and it takes a good five seconds of /petattack spamming to get them back to your current target.

PvPers (and in some other scenarios, everyone else) can encounter the following bug very often in the Ring of Valor arena: Pets get stuck all the time. They run through the pillar, just when it starts to rise, and they remain upstairs. Sometimes /petattack and /petfollow helps, but most of the time you need to dismiss the pet and call it again. Good luck with doing that during an arena match. Oh, and there is low HP pet bug again, not to mention that you need to be in LoS of your pet in order to dismiss the poor thing.

/I wanted to add another very important pet bug here, but I forgot it somehow, will get back later/

On to the crowd control: Traps. There is so much wrong stuff with them that I’ll try to be as short as possible. First of all, I’d like to state that I love the unique mechanism and all, BUT (and this is one great “but”): This is the most tedious CC ever to apply, even if it would work all the time. Sometimes people just walk over the traps (No, not a resist, and yes, I know that traps take time to activate, but that is another silly thing. Why? Isn’t it already tedious enough to CC something?), they resist them, and so on. I have video clips testing this.

– A paladin stands on a trap for 4.5 seconds, nothing happens. A warrior charges me, and although he is further away from the trap than the paladin, he instantly freezes.
– Try CCing a pet class or one target in a crowd which is untauntable. Almost always you’ll freeze the pet or another target.
– If the miracle happens and you have the perfect circumstances to trap someone in a PvP environment, then still, traps are extremely easy to break: Grounding, Dispel, etc.

But still, traps are our only Crowd Control ability which causes loss of control of a character (OK, WS, but no one goes SV for PvP, also, read more to get my point), when some classes have a dozen. I know that in a sense, we sacrifice good CC, let’s say, for mobility, burst and good slows, but then what is up with the new Blizzard theory: Bring the player, not the class? Everyone can Bloodlust, everyone provides the same raidbuffs, etc.

All in all, not only traps can be resisted and are insanely tedious to apply, but they are bugged as well. Also, you can’t double trap anymore, but the cooldown is pretty big for PvE standards.

Flares sometimes simply fail and nothing happens. Not much discussion needed.

Also, many people have started a hunter because of the little fun elements which are gone now. Why was Eyes of the Beast overpowered? Why can’t we have a little but more control over our pet? What makes our pets different from warlock minions?

I’d like to add something else too: Many hunters had the feeling that we aren’t cared about enough. (Mini-disclaimer: I am absolutely happy with my class, and I would not switch to another class even if these bugs remain forever, but I’d like to add this, no offense at all.) There was some evidence for this, when at the end of WotLK, a blue post came which stated the following things (These things were not the topic but they were mentioned.):

– They implied a PvE rotation what no one used at the time, not even several hotfixes later
– They stated that the aspects are on the GCD and so on.

This was just a minor addition to the main topic, the original bluepost with my comments can be found here.

I think that many people will agree me, and I only showed a slice of the cake, feel free to add your ideas, bugs as well, I mentioned only the most painful ones.

Once again, please do not talk about other classes, it is not a race for “who is the most bugged” title, nor is this the place for an argue. I would be glad if we could have a nice discussion going on here. Thanks.

PS: Sorry for the bad English, I am rather tired.


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