Double your gun, double your fun!

I’ve been doing some 2v2 lately with Ghostz to see the power of dual BM. It is pretty nice, just we are sometimes very unlucky, and get zero RogueMage comps, instead we get tons of Feral/Disc which is impossible to beat (Plus we often get them on Dalaran Sewers, the BM hell map). On the other hand, we conquer pretty much everything else (Not including DK/HPala, I mean, come on). Once we killed an affli lock with a resto shaman at 1950+MMR :D

Putting this to numbers: We went from 1860+ to 1750 under 7 matches, and in those matches we fought 3 teams, and we got one of them four times in a row. Can’t we have a matchmaking system which allows players to get the same team a maximum of two times? Can’t be that hard ;) Anyways, we will rise up to the maximum tomorrow :)

On the PvE front, there are finally some good news: We managed to kill Ultraxion 25HC, which puts us to 5/8 HC. Awesome job for the guild! /Not including me with a dying router during raid/



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