Progress update

We managed to kill Hagara on 25-man heroic mode finally. The fight was intense and awesome, and the kill try was perfect until 5%, when our tank died because of a taunting mistake (Focused assault). Nevertheless, we downed her, and we are realm first on 25-man progress. Hagara was world 590th, which is quite nice, if we take the many-many recent changes in the guild into account.

Also, she dropped some hunter loot (too much even, according to my fellow guildmates :D), so I am the best geared hunter on the realm again! (Last time it was T10, and before that it was T8)

Also, tomorrow I’m having my last exam, and some major stuff will be up here when I’m finished :)

No kill shot since our officers SLACK all the time uploading those, so here is my screenshot, taken at the moment of the kill/nerdscream/etc.:


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