After the raid

Yup, we just finished with our raid, sadly we could not finish due to our relatively short raid times. We mostly oneshotted the first four, then wiped a bit on the 5th one because of UI lag  issues. Then we managed to down the ship encounter as well. I got a trinket, boots, gloves and tier shoulders already :P. The encounters seemed somewhat easy, but still they were interesting and not boring, I loved them all, good job from the devs. Marksman seems to rock, I was constantly first on the first four bosses (then I disabled recount). Pics and more to come after I had some sleep :) GL for everyone raiding out there!

I also started gearing up my priest and man it was delightful. He went from ilvl 350 to 380 within an afternoon, with Tier shoulders and all the good stuff. Priest shoulders look insanely good on tauren I must state.


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