7 years down the road

Yep, it’s the birthday of WoW today, and I got my blog suspended as a present :). Thankfully it was a mistake and the site is back on running. We got a nifty 7% xp bonus along with a “tabard”, so time for some more alt leveling!

Otherwise there is not much going on, I finished leveling my priest, and my warrior is next. Also I got Skyrim, which is a major cause of the long blog update times ;)

World of Warcraft turns seven on November 23, 2011! It’s been a truly incredible seven years, and we’d like to thank you all for joining us for yet another fantastic year. To celebrate, players who log into the game between November 20 and December 3 will earn a feat of strength added to their Achievements and a “Celebration Package” item. Using your item will get the celebrations rolling by shooting off fireworks*, applying a (visual only) tabard to your character, and granting a 7% bonus to experience and reputation gains while active.
We look forward to another year of adventures ahead and many more to come!

*Please observe all goblin and gnome fire hazard warnings and celebrate responsibly.


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